Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekly Haul

Just wanted to share a few pics and swatches of my hauls for this week. I went on a bit of a nail polish shopping spree! :) First up are the brand new HITS Phenomena polishes. I bought mine from Llarowe and due to a typo I was able to snag these for $5 each!

L-R: Air Glow, Moonbow, Borealis, Afterglow
 These polishes are color shifting glitters in a clear base. They're pretty hard to capture on camera especially using just day bulb lighting (I took these at night so unfortunately no sun). These are so much prettier in real life and they do have a very noticeable shift...much more so than the China Glaze Prismatic glitters.

L-R: Afterglow, Borealis, Moonbow, Air Glow
Next up are the Layla Hologram Effect polishes in Retro Pink and Jade Groove. Layla is an Italian brand and their holos are absolutely stunning! These are now my favorite holo polishes, taking the place of my beloved HITS No Olimpos. The linear holographic effect in these polishes are so much stronger than any I have ever seen. I purchased these from an eBay seller but you can also find them on Amazon or Ulta.

Retro Pink and Jade Groove
Retro Pink and Jade Groove
 These next polishes I picked up on a whim at Target. N.OPI Iceberg Lotus is a really pretty jade green with a purple duochrome shift. I must say the shift is much more noticeable in the bottle than it is on the nail which is a bit disappointing but it's still a pretty color. The One That Got Away is a lovely dark red with gold flecks. See Ya Later Sailor is a sheer mint green with a hint of a pink shift.

L-R: Iceberg Lotus, The One That Got Away, See Ya Later Sailor
L-R: Iceberg Lotus, The One That Got Away, See Ya Later Sailor 
And last but not least, I got my jar of Buttella from Becca at OHWTO! This is a really yummy whipped cocoa butter that smells like Nutella! It literally melts into your skin like butter and absorbs quickly leaving your skin soft and smelling oh so yummy!

That's all for this week! Hope you enjoyed my haul!


The Peach said...

Love the polishes! I can see why those holo ones are your new fave! They look amazing!

Liza said...

Wow, those are some beautiful polishes!

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