Saturday, December 24, 2011


Darling Girl Cosmetics Rainbow Brite Collection

Darling Girl's Rainbow Brite Collection is probably one of the most unusual collections that Susan has created. All the shades in this collection are absolutely stunning! In the jars, most of these shades look like plain white shadows with a tiny hint of color but when they're used over a black base they come alive in a beautiful rainbow of colors. I think of all the collections of Susan's I own (and I have 5 of them so far), I love this one the best!

Canary - Sheer canary yellow with blue, green and gold sparkles
Shy Violet - Sheer violet blue with blue and purple sparkles
Buddy Blue - Sheer baby blue with blue sparkles
Rainbow Brite - Gorgeous sheer baby pink with a slight red shift and rainbow sparkles

On-X - Sheer black based filled with rainbow sparkles
Red Butler - Sheer coppery red with blue and red sparkles
Lucky - Sheer iridescent green with red, green and blue sparkles
Indigo - Sheer lilac with blue and purple sparkles

Patty O' Green - Sheer yellow with a strong iridescent green shift and blue sparkles
Orange La La - Sheer orange with a pink shift and pink and orange sparkles
Persuasion (GWP) - Bright grapey purple with a gold shift
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Black Friday Haul

I had not ordered from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics since my first purchase awhile back so I decided to take advantage of their Cyber Monday sale. Kelly offered 6 full size eye shadows for $18 instead of the usual $25. I am still absolutely in love with her adorable packaging! From her recent Facebook updates it looks like Kelly is working on a pressed palette as well which I am super excited for! Anyways, enjoy the swatches!

Robin the Cradle - Very light blue with a strong coppery pink shift. I know it doesn't really look blue here but it is.
Insomnia - Pearly bubblegum pink. This is a really lovely girly pink.
Koi-eurism - Pearly kelly green with a slight silver shimmer.

Flounce Cat - Pearly ballerina pink with a hint of gold shift and shimmer.
Hera - Gorgeous dark olive green with a gold shift.
Orbital - Velvety suede with green undertones and green sparks. This is a very interesting color. It's not quite matte but definitely not shimmer either.
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Friday, December 16, 2011

My Pretty Zombie Black Friday Haul

I had not originally planned on making a Black Friday purchase from My Pretty Zombie until I saw the pictures and swatches of her brand new Blue Period Trio which made it's debut on Black Friday. This is an absolutely gorgeous collection and each of the shades are very glittery and so much prettier in real life!

Dissolution - Blue based royal purple filled with purple and red glitter.
Forsaken - Bright teal blue filled with blue glitter.
Infirmity - Blue based olive green filled with green and yellow glitter. This totally reminds me of Chanel's Peridot nail polish but in eye shadow form and way more glittery.

Grandma's Cleavage (sample) - Periwinkle blue with a gold shift. This one is so gorgeous! I don't think it's been released yet as it's currently not in her shop. I do want a full size of it once it is released!
Moist (sample) - Nectarine orange with a gold shift. Another that I believe has not been released yet.
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Monday, December 12, 2011


Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Black Friday Haul

Dawn over at Dawn Eyes Cosmetics had a 50% off sale during Black Friday and I couldn't resist picking up a couple shades from her new Christmas Collection as well as Super Sparkle Black Pink. I was super surprised by how quickly I received this order. I made my purchase on Black Friday (Nov 25) and received it on Nov 30! Considering the amount of volume she must have had during that holiday weekend I was shocked to receive the package from her in less than a week! Enjoy the swatches!

Super Sparkle Black Pink - Matte black base loaded with pink glitter
Sugarplum Dreams - Shimmery maroon filled with green and purple glitter
Sleigh Bells - Silvery blue filled with silver and light blue glitter

Candy Cane - Hot pinky red with silver and white glitter
Silver Swan - Pure metallic silver. This one is literally liquid silver
Spiced Cider - Burnt orange with a gold shift and green and purple glitter

Silver Bell - Shimmery Dove grey with a hint of green shift filled with blue and green iridescent glitter
Perfect Gift (sample) - Dark royal purple with a silver shift and filled with purple glitter. This stained my skin a bit so watch out for it.
Rum Eggnog (sample) - Buttery golden yellow with gold glitter
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Evil Shades Cosmetics


 I really cannot remember when I purchased from Evil Shades Cosmetics. I tried checking my email for the  order confirmations but unfortunately wasn't able to locate it. In any case, I purchased 2 blogger packs consisting of 8 eye shadow samples, 4 blush samples, 3 lipstick samples, 3 lip gloss samples, 1 sample of eye primer and 1 sample of a spectrum pot. I also purchased 1 full size Hardcore Lips lip gloss and 1 full size Deviant Lipstick.

Lip gloss sample pots. Aren't they adorable?
I can't really comment on TAT since I honestly don't remember anything about it but I'm pretty sure it was within her stated TAT of 8-10 business days which is reasonable and fairly standard for a lot of Indie MMUCs. I really love the branding with the cute little goth girl theme which is carried throughout her product labeling. All of the samples are packaged in clamshells with the exception of the lip glosses which are packaged in tiny little pots.

The eyeshadows themselves are really lovely. They apply very smoothly with minimal fallout and great pigmentation. I don't know why it took me so long to purchase from Evil Shades because the eye shadows are absolutely gorgeous! You have to see it in real life to really appreciate it!

Reondite - Shimmery Tiffany blue with purple sparks.
Toxic Lotus - Hot pink with pink sparks.
Victorian Night - Light shimmery lavender with iridescent green sparks. This was a bit more sheer than the other shades but it's still a very pretty color.
Drakon - Gorgeous smokey plum with gold sparks. I think this one is my favorite of all the shades I received! I'm definitely going to have to get a full sized of this one when funds allow.

Glooming - Matte black base filled with blue and green sparks. Much more beautiful in person than it is in pictures. It's very sparkley!
Zombie - Dark low sheen brick red. Not really a color I would wear but still very nice. It actually has a bit of a metallic shine to it that isn't picked up in pictures.
Mordant - Plummy taupe with red sparks.
Seraphic - Gorgeous peachy coral with a slight gold sheen. This reminds me of a shade from BFTE called Sweet N' Spicy.

This next set of swatches consists of the blush samples I received. In all the pictures, I swatched the blushes heavily on the left and sheered out on the right. Enjoy the swatches!

Bronze Skies - Coppery rose with hints of gold and pink sparks. I don't think I can wear this color as a blush as I can't even wear this color as an eye shadow. It's still very pretty though.

Atomic - Bright neon orange with blue sparks. I've never tried wearing orange blush so this will be a good one to experiment with.

Ceylon - Gorgeous peachy pink with gold sparks. This very much reminds me of the cult favorite NARS Orgasm.

Brazen - Matte bright pink/red. This is an extremely potent color so a tiny bit goes a long way. This would give a lovely red flush if used correctly.

Deviant Lipsticks are packaged in black slimline tubes with full labels featuring the logo, product name and ingredients list. I felt that the formula of the lipsticks were slightly different for each color. It took a little more effort for me to get Fearless and Bane to become opaque. Overall they are quite creamy and very pigmented.

Fearless - Matte hot pink. This is probably the hottest pink lipstick I've seen. It's a bit less pigmented than Devilista but not by much.
Devilista - Matte creamy red. I really loved the formula for this one. Really soft and creamy and overall LUSH! ;)
Caged Gypsy - Matte burnt orange. This one was waay different than the color I thought it would be. The description was a deep rose base with glowing pink shimmer and to me this was more of a burnt orange color. I'm almost wondering if I got a mislabeled sample.
Bane - Sheer lilac with a hint of blue shift. I bought this in a full size and I love it! My husband loves when I wear the pinky/purple shades on my lips so I knew this would work well for me.

Hardcore Lips are packaged in adorable clear test tubes with silver caps and doe foot applicators. I'm not sure if the packaging on these have changed though because I remember seeing something about potential packaging changes on their FB page but I'm not 100% certain what happened with that. These are also labeled in the same fashion as the Deviant lipsticks. I'm definitely more of a lip gloss than a lipstick girl and I <3 how these ones feel, super creamy and pigmented with not a hint of stickiness.

Robot Love - Clear base filled silver and holographic glitter. It's supposed to smell like cupcakes but it didn't smell the way I expected. It smells like a fake sugary cupcake.
Deception - Perfect nude with a hint of gold shimmer.
Feline's Kyss - Soft pink with blue shimmer.
Not Your Barbie - Intense hot pink.

Now last but not least are the Evil Shades primers/bases. It's unusual for an indie company to offer such a wide range of primers/bases and this is one of the things that makes them really unique. Currently they offer 3 shades of primer; Noir (black), Naked (nude) and Opal (white).  They also offer Spectrum Pots, which would basically be the equivalent of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. The Spectrum Pots are offered in 12 different colors which is amazing! I received samples of the Noir eye primer and Padawan Spectrum Pot.

Noir - Rich black. I love how creamy this primer is! I prefer creamy primers over those that are more solid because you don't have to tug on the delicate skin of your eyelids when applying. I think I'm definitely going to have to try out their primers once my TFSI and UDPP run out.
Padawan - Very pale nude with silver sparks. I must admit I had a little trouble applying this in the beginning. I think my problem was I was applying it too thickly which caused it to pill up on my skin which made it very hard to apply. With this I feel that the thinner the layer you apply, the better it is. I do feel it could be a bit less "hard" and a tad more creamy. I've got my eye on a few of the different color bases (especially the hot pink!) and will have to order some when I have more money.

If you have extra money are not sure what to do with it I definitely recommend picking up a few shadows or blushes from Evil Shades. You won't be disappointed with the quality of the products. Have you tried Evil Shades? What are you favorite products?

5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**All products were purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion of this company.
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Friday, November 18, 2011


Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Broken Heart Trio

Custom labels for the collection
I randomly won a giveaway on Innocent + Twisted Alchemy and my prize was a full size set of the Broken Heart Trio! I've loved the shadows that I've previously received from Linda and these were certainly no exception. 

Spinal Affliction - Rich taupe with a pink sheen
Jaq in the Box - Dark chocolate brown with a red sheen and red and holographic sparks
Cardio Blemish - Rich metallic red with blue sparks

**These products were received as a prize from a Facebook giveaway. This does not in any way affect my opinion of the products.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Changing it up

Feels like forever since I last posted but in reality it's only been slightly over a week. Anyways just wanted to let my readers know that I'm going to be changing the layout of the blog because I want it to look more professional than it is now so please bare with me as I fiddle around with the HTML. Things might end up looking funny for awhile but hopefully once I'm done it will be beautiful!
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Stepping back a bit...

I know I haven't been posting a whole lot lately. Mostly it's because I haven't been feeling motivated  to blog. I don't know it's just not as exciting as it used to be and it's beginning to feel a lot like work. Don't get me wrong I still love makeup and love sharing it with people but I think I need to step back a bit and not feel pressured to write about every single beauty purchase I make in great detail. I honestly have a giant backlog of makeup that I still haven't reviewed/swatched/opened. 

I think what I want is just to be able to enjoy purchasing makeup without having to worry about photographing everything before opening and using it. So for now I'm going to be stepping back a bit from my intensive reviewing and swatching. I'll still be posting every once in awhile when I feel like I must share something but not as often for now as I was before. Plus I really need to focus on growing my business and right now blogging is taking away too much time from it. 

Ok enough of that. This is a post I've sort of been sitting on for awhile and I'm not sure why I never got around to posting it. This was actually my first order from RockABetty Beauty. I ordered the Garbage Pail Kids and John Hughes collection as well as the LE Betty Vidi Vici eye shadow. The John Hughes collection and Betty Vidi Vici  are unfortunately no longer available.

Quick Sandy - Shimmery beige with green, blue and copper sparkle
Formalde Heidi - Light sage green with a gold shift and fuchsia, green and orange sparkle
Kim Kong - Royal blue with a pink shift and pink and iridescent sparkle

Lolly Poppy - Light baby pink with holographic glitter
Jenny Jelly - Bright purple with a slight pink shift and magenta and iridescent sparkle
Half Baked Betty - Bright orange with a gold shift and purple and green sparkle

John Hughes Collection (no longer available)
Pretty in Pink - Medium bubble gum pink with holographic glitter
Weird Science - Lavender with blue and green iridescent sparkle
16 Candles - Light metallic silver with silver and holographic sparkle
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Cherry red with silver sparkle
Some Kind of Wonderful - Charcoal black with pink iridescent glitter

Betty Vidi Vici - Gorgeous grape purple with gold, aqua and green iridescent glitter. This shade was LE and is no longer available.
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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Callio Fragrance

I heard about Callio Fragrance because of a charity auction they participated in and placed them on my "to buy" list for later. I ended up winning a sample set of fragrances from Callio Fragrance as part of a 100 likes giveaway and I just received them today!

My packaged was shipped to me in a yellow bubble mailer. I was quite surprised by how well packaged the samples were when I received them. They were packaged in a small white pillow box wrapped with purple ribbon and a large Callio Fragrance sticker. The pillow box was wrapped in purple tissue paper as well as more bubble wrap. You'll never have to be afraid of anything breaking with packaging like this! =)

I received 6 sample vials of their perfume; Belle, Kiele, Adele, Tessa, Summer and Melee. The following are the scent descriptions from her Etsy shop followed by my own scent descriptions. Please keep in mind that everyone has a different sense of smell and my own descriptions may not be the same as how you might describe them. =)

Belle is a delicate powdery scent with a touch of peony and soft musk.

  • This is definitely a powdery scent. I can pick out the peony and soft musk but not at the beginning. At the first sniff it almost smells like alcohol. This is the one scent of the bunch that I didn't like.

Adele is a blend of soft rose, juicy just picked blackberries, dark Bourbon Vanilla, sweet Tahitian vanilla beans and musk. Adele is our most popular scent!

  • To me the strongest note is the juicy blackberries followed by the soft rose. The vanilla and musk hide slightly underneath the stronger notes and come forward a bit more once the perfume has dried down a bit. This reminds me of Bath and Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla

Kiele is the ultimate in sultry scents; lavish gardenia, jasmine, and tuberose blend together to create this enticing fragrance.

  • This one is a very green floral scent. I can smell all 3 flower notes quite clearly in this scent. It's definitely a very lush scent but if you're not a floral fan then you should steer clear.

Tessa is the perfect almond biscotti blend; almond paste, vanilla bean, lemon and a touch of sandalwood combine to create this delicious scent.

  • On my initial sniff of this I fell in love! Sweet almond and vanilla with a hint of lemon and a sandalwood base. YUM! Definitely a sweet foodie scent!

Summer is a blend of succulent peaches, sweet cantaloupe, soft freesia, a touch of sandalwood and musk.

  • On my initial sniff it immediately reminded me of Exotic home fragrance oil from The Body Shop. Sweet peaches and cantaloupe with a small hint of floral and a nice musk/sandalwood base. This really is the perfect summery scent!

Melee is a trip to a tropical island; exotic coconut, lemongrass, lush white flowers, vanilla bean and sensous sandalwood.

  • The coconut and white flowers are the strongest notes I could smell. The lemongrass is a bit overpowered by the coconut and white flowers but I could still pick it out. The sandalwood was a barely there hint underneath everything else. This is a bit heavier of a scent then I usually like but it's still lovely. =)

I'm really not sure how long wearing these are yet since I just received them but so far they seem to wear pretty well. These are not very complex scents like Wiggle Perfume or anything so if you're not into simpler scents these may not be for you. I personally think they're quite pretty and I definitely want to get full sizes of Tessa and Summer in the future! Have you tried Callio Fragrance?

4.5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**These products were sent to me as a prize. This does not in any way affect my opinion of the products. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

100+ Follower Giveaway Winner!!

It's here!! The moment you've all been waiting for! It's time to announce the winner of my 100+ Follower Giveaway! First I wanted to say thank you to all my readers and fans! This would not have been possible without you.  Now on to the results! I had 404 entries into this giveaway and chose #221 as the winner of my giveaway.

The lucky #221 on my list is....LadycrowX!!! Congrats Amy in winning my 100+ Follower Giveaway! You have 48 hours to reply to my email! Thanks to everyone who entered!!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My Pretty Zombie Haul

It's been a few months since I've ordered from MPZ but I was finally prompted to order from Andrea again when she released her new line of blushes. I was particularly excited about the MDMA blush which was a custom shade for Manda at Toxid-Lotus. Manda showed off some swatches of her blush and I knew I had to have it!

A couple of new things to note about MPZ. Andrea has changed the labeling on her jars and I think it is a definite improvement on the previous labels.  Originally the company name, quote and eye shadow name were labeled around the sides of the jars. Now, the company name and quote is on a nice label on the top. The shade name has moved to the bottom of the jar along with the ingredients, weight, and address. I had mentioned previously that the bottom label was difficult to read and these new labels are perfect.

The blushes come in larger 8g jars with sifters and contain about 3.5g of product. The small size of these jars makes it a bit difficult to use a blush brush in the lids but it's either this or upgrade to a 20g jar which I do prefer for my loose blushes. Currently Andrea offers samples as well as the 8g jar and I would totally love if she also added a 20g jar option. =)

Labeling on the blush
Jar comparison blush vs. eyeshadow

Anthrax - Bright grape purple with a strong iridescent green shift. This is one of the most unique purples in my collection. I <3 it!
Hoof and Mouth - Red based purple with a pink shift.
Mad Cow - Medium violet with a blue shift.
Amacyst - Dark blue based purple with purple and blue sparks. This looks more blue in pics than it is in real life.

Law Firm Lamb Cake - Sheer white with a strong pink shift and white and holographic sparks. This is a sister shade to Unicorn Pee but I still prefer Unicorn Pee to this one.
My Pretty Zombie (sample) - Hot pink with pink sparks. Now this is a HOT pink!
Disquiet (sample) - Shimmery sea green with a very slight blue shift.

MDMA blush - Candy pink with gold sparks. I <3 <3 <3 this blush! It's sooo pretty and much more so in real life.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


StellaStarish Cosmetics Swatch Spam

The ever lovely Stella had another awesome sale last week where she offered 12 pigments for $35.00. I couldn't resist because there were quite a new few shades I really wanted. I also purchased a pair of adorable lashes with tiny pink Hello Kitty bows on them!

How cute are these?!?
I <3 the bows!
Ok on to the main event...the swatches! I know that in these pics the browns look almost exactly the same but in reality they are not that close. Hopefully the descriptions help you imagine what these colors look like better than just the pics by themselves.

Dew - Bright white with a blue shift.
Ursa Major - Dark warm brown with blue sparks. Really unusual to see blue sparks in a brown shadow.
Omega - Matte brick red with a blue sheen.
Martian - Bright grass green with gold sparks. I'm not really sure why it's showing up silvery in the picture but it's really gold spark

Pisces - Creamsicle orange with silver sparks. Looks more yellow than it is in real life.
Aries - Milk chocolate bronzey brown with a gold sheen
Epsilon - Almost - matte bright pastel purple with a pink sheen. This totally reminds me of a My Little Pony color.
Zeta - Bright shimmery fuchsia. This is one of my favorites!

Milky Way - Dark warm brown with silver sparks
Brianna's Blizzard - Bright pastel blue with white and silver sparks. This almost seems like a sister shade of Epsilon.
Cassiopeia - Bright reddish pink with tons of gold sparks. I really like the balance of the gold and pink in this shade.
Virgo - Gorgeous shimmery ivory with silver and gold sparks. This is the perfect highlight color!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Innocent + Twisted Alchemy First Purchase!

After my initial review, I went right back to I+T and ordered 4 more full size shadows. I ordered a full size of I <3 When Angels Cry because I loved that one so much as well as 3 other colors that I had not tried before. Now that I've actually ordered I can report on her TAT. I placed my order on Oct. 16 and received a shipping confirmation email the very next day! I received my package on Oct. 19 so she's got the fastest TAT of any MMUC I've ordered from. It does also help that the owner lives only 2.5 hours north of me. ;)

My order was packaged the same as it was before and in addition to the 4 full sizes I ordered I received 2 sample baggies. I really really love Linda's shadows. They're all very unique and nicely pigmented. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Venomous Kiss - Indigo blue with purple and gold sparks. I don't have any color similar to this one which is very nice.
Innocent + Twisted - Black based plum with a hint of red shift and purple and red sparks. I think this is my favorite of this lot. =)
Silent Lucidity - Periwinkle blue with red and blue sparks.

Heavenly Agony (sample) - Creamsicle orange with pink and blue sparks. It looks more yellow in the picture than it is in real life.
Cardio - Blemish (sample) - Deep pearl red with blue and black sparks
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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Swatch Spam

I purchased all of these back in August when Dawn was having a huge sale after hitting 500 fans on Facebook! I ended up purchasing 12 full size jars and 7 samples in all. I did not swatch all of the full size jars as some of them I had swatched from the samples I previously received. Dawn's shadows are seriously some of the most sparkley shadows I own and the pictures do not do them any justice. You really have to see them for yourself to appreciate them! Enjoy the swatches!

Metallic Teal - Dark metallic teal with a green shift a blue sparks
Hot Pink Rainbow - Pearly medium pink with purple, pink and holographic sparks
Kings Robe - Royal purple with blue, purple and iridescent green sparks
Holographic White - Silvery white loaded with holographic sparks

Help Me - Bright coral with red and gold sparks
Amazing Base - Sheer white with holographic sparks
Glittering Aquamarine - Dark teal with a gold shift and blue, aqua and green iridescent sparks

Lady Sings the Blues Holographic - Dark denim blue with navy and holographic glitter
Faerie Dance - Medium golden brown with holographic sparks
Sparkling Jade - Gorgeous bright jade green with green sparks

Glittering Hibiscus - Bright pink with pink sparks
Purple Velvet - Black base filled with blue and purple sparks
Lemon Ice - Lemony yellow filled with silver sparks

Deep Blue Seas - Deep navy with holographic sparks
Orange Sherbet - Creamy bright orange with gold sparks
Very Hot Pink - Bright metallic pink
Super Sparkle Black Rainbow - Matte black base filled with every color spark imaginable! The pic does not show of how gorgeous this shadow is in real life. Very glittery!
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