Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bokeh Face Cosmetics Tie The Knot Palette

I had seen reviews of Bokeh Face Cosmetics from when they first launched but at the time I didn't really see a lot of colors that interested me. Some of them caught my eye such as seaweed and flippie floppies but that didn't really seem like enough to get me to try out a new MMUC especially considering the sheer volume of makeup I would love to order from my favorite companies. If you know anything about me you'll know that I love super glittery and duochrome eye shadows and from what I've seen, Bokeh Face doesn't really make them.

 Natalie released the Tie The Knot Palette a few days before my wedding which probably factored in to me finally purchasing from Bokeh Face. I knew I wouldn't get it in time for the wedding but I liked the look and contents of this neat little palette. I figured it would be great to use on-the-go as you could do simple day to evening looks with it.

I ordered this palette on May 11 and received it on June 6. Her artfire shop policies state that she ships within 4 business days placing the order which obviously was not true in my case. I received a package shipped email on May 23. June 3 I emailed Natalie asking her about the package since I still hadn't received the package and the tracking wasn't updated. She didn't email me back till June 5 saying she had dropped it in the mail last week. By the time she had emailed me back, the tracking had updated stating the package was dropped off on June 3, the same day I had emailed her. Honestly I am not thrilled this kind of service. If the shipping was going to be delayed for any reason (she said she was waiting on packaging?) she should have at least let me know without me having to ask, especially since she sent the package almost 2 weeks after she sent me the shipped notification.

Packaging was very plain. My item was shipped to me in a bubble mailer with an invoice and nothing else. Her website stated that this particular palette would be shipped in a pretty box ready to be given as a gift and this was certainly not the case. The palette itself is a clear plastic palette. The label on the top could have been more professionally done. It wasn't quite on the palette straight and the label was slightly too large for the top of the palette. The printing on the label was not very high quality which made it look tired and faded.

I was hoping that perhaps the contents of the palette would redeem this purchase but unfortunately it did not. I started with the lip color called Honeymoon. In the palette, it looks like a nice medium pink which would look good on pretty much anyone. In reality, there is very little pigmentation to this lip color. It is a very sheer sort of balm with a very light pink tint which did not show up in photographs. My Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers has more pigmentation than the color in this palette.

Swatching the eye shadows was practically impossible. I tried using both my fingers and brushes but these colors refused to be swatched. I was not able to pick up enough of the pressed shadows on either my brush or my fingers to really see the colors very well much less photograph them. It seems like these particular pigments have been pressed too hard?  I really am not sure why this is the case as I am not really an expert when it comes to pressed shadows (most of mine are loose minerals but I do know what the pressed should be like since I do own a MAC palette).

I'm pretty sure that Bouquet would be a lovely color based on the tiny amount I was able to swatch. It is a really pretty light pink with gold shift. I'm not sure about the other two though. I think the only usable color in this palette would be Garter, which is supposed to be the eyeliner. Garter was the only color I was able to actually get a decent amount on my brush to actually use. Its basically a matte black with hints of silver sparkle. I'm sure if you foiled it this would make a decent eyeliner.

I would not recommend anyone to buy this palette. What I might try to do is break the pressed shadows and see if they would be more usable as loose shadows. I'll definitely update you if this works or not.

I was really quite disappointed with the way things turned out with this palette. It didn't really give me a favorable impression of a company I really wanted to like. I would definitely like to give Bokeh Face Cosmetics loose eye shadows a try in the future though as I have heard and seen good things about them from various beauty bloggers.

0 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

** All products are purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own. I honestly feel really bad about writing a bad review. :/ Please keep in mind this review is primarily for this particular product as I have no idea what the quality of Bokeh Face Cosmetics other products are like.


VijiiS said...

Two other friends of mine also got terrible service (Read: totally screwed on TAT). I won't be buying from them, myself.

Amanda S. said...

@Vi, I do want to try them again in the future but it'll probably be awhile before I do...there are several other companies I -REALLY- want to try when I have money

Sammi said...

That's pretty disappointing. The lip color does look gorgeous but a shame it doesn't have too much pigment in it. :(

On another note, I love Dr Pepper lip smackers too! :D

Snarky P said...

This stinks :(

I've heard so much good stuff about Bokeh Face...

I'm one of the winners of her "Name the Collection" contest she held (I think) last month. I named 10 custom colors, and she's making them... I'm so excited to get my paws on it! This irks me a bit that this palette didn't quite make it up to par for you :/

I hope if you break them up they do!

gunnmetal27 said...

I know how you feel.. I had the same TAT problem, and the colors arent very exciting.. The loose powder does work well on a good primer, but I def know how ya feel on this company.. it was one of my let downs also.. you can read my review here..

rivercitylizzy said...

Dang, that is super disappointing :( Bad service and meh product? Ugh...think I'll set this one on the back burner...

Ki said...

Aww I've read some good reviews of this company, so I didn't expect such poor TAT and products :/ may not order from here anytime soon!

SilhouetteScreams said...

That's really disappointing :( the TAT and postage screw up is bad enough, but the product being subpar just makes me sad. If I were you I'd contact them and ask for a refund.

Larie said...

Companies with bad service/shipping are a major turn-off for me...even if their products are stellar fantastic (which it seems this wasn't), I wouldn't put in an order.

Amanda S. said...

@Sami I have the jumbo Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers!

@Amanda yea it sucks considering the amount of good reviews of them I've seen.

@Christa it seems like their colors aren't really too complex which is why I never ordered before

@Liz definitely on the back burner for a long least for me...

@Ki I didn't expect any of that either

@Jerry I probably should ask Natalie for a refund...

@Larie everything in dealing with this company was less than stellar...I may give it another chance...maybe...but not any time soon.

Anne said...

I am the other winner of the 10 custom colors along with Snarky P. I haven't heard anything on the status but figured it would take time. I too, am excited to see the final product.

I bought some samples of loose shadows. I know she was waiting on sample clamshell packaging, so I wasn't too worried. When I did receive them, they weren't the right colors :/ Pretty much all the really bright shades like Flippie Floppies, Hurricane, Dirty Bird etc. I'm primarily a neutral, rose, pink, lavender kind of girl.

I did email her, she said she would get a new batch of the correct ones out - but still nothing. I haven't emailed again, I will when I think of it. I like her, I just have to wonder if she's super over-extended.

I haven't swatched any of the samples that I received. I did use Roses which I absolutely love.

I was hoping to try the lighter shades, order some product and have a giveaway on my blog. A tad hard when you can't get the colors in.

I know she has a guarantee, you might see about getting a refund.

Natalie - Bokeh Face Cosmetics said...

Hi Amanda,
I just read your review, and I want to say that I'm really sorry for how things turned out! I know what it's like to be disappointed in a product and service. I will honestly say that I've bit off more than I can chew with this new business, and unfortunately, a few customers have suffered for it.
I would like to make this up to you - can you email me at so we can figure something out?
A bad review is never easy to take but I think that I can use this to improve my business, so I want to thank you for that.

Candace McCarty said...

I'm sad to read this. I love Natalie. :( Judging from her comment above though, I still love Natalie! I was thinking of purchasing this for my own Wedding. I'll give it a pass for now but I do plan on checking out different products from Bokeh Face.

The Peach said...

I guess I missed this review. Thats too bad the pressed shadows were too hard. From my experience pressing powders, if you don't use the right shadow forumla, they can turn hard. I still haven't figured out just yet what the right binders need to be to get the final product so it isn't too hard or so soft it crumbles. But I just do pressing for my own personal use. I would expect someone selling a product would do a little better quality control.

I haven't read a lot of reviews about Boken Face because like you, there are so many products from my favorite companies that I would like to order instead. So I guess I just haven't paid much attention to Boken Face.

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