Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Less than 3 Lacquer

Hi guys, I know I've been a bit absent this week but I promise it was for a good reason. =) I am pleased to announce that I will be launching my very own indie polish shop <3 Lacquer hopefully by mid-May/early June!! My first franken polish, Pegasus Poop, was a huge hit and had a lot of my makeup and nail polish friends clamoring for more. I am so excited and cannot wait to share with you all the amazing polishes and collections I have been planning out!

The first collection will be the Mythical Excrement Why Mythical Excrement you may be asking??!? Well it all started with Pegasus Poop of course and then a Facebook group I'm in got to talking about the famous or infamous Unicorn Puke (Clarins 230 and Cult Nails). They thought it would be hilarious to create a spin-off collection hence the Mythical Excrement collection was born. There will be 6 polishes in this initial collection; Dragon Dung, Gryffin Guano, Mermaid Mierda, Sphinx Scat, Vampire Vomit and Pixie Pellets. My other collections will be more...uh...normal...if this one turns you

I'm currently working on formulating my polishes and having someone create the logo for <3 Lacquer. I will definitely keep everyone here up to date on what's happening with my shop and also when you can expect my grand opening so stay tuned! For now here's a sneak peek of one of my brand new polishes Dragon Dung. =)

Metallic copper with aqua holo microglitter, gold squares, red holo hexes and aqua holo hexes

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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Weekly Haul

Just wanted to share a few pics and swatches of my hauls for this week. I went on a bit of a nail polish shopping spree! :) First up are the brand new HITS Phenomena polishes. I bought mine from Llarowe and due to a typo I was able to snag these for $5 each!

L-R: Air Glow, Moonbow, Borealis, Afterglow
 These polishes are color shifting glitters in a clear base. They're pretty hard to capture on camera especially using just day bulb lighting (I took these at night so unfortunately no sun). These are so much prettier in real life and they do have a very noticeable shift...much more so than the China Glaze Prismatic glitters.

L-R: Afterglow, Borealis, Moonbow, Air Glow
Next up are the Layla Hologram Effect polishes in Retro Pink and Jade Groove. Layla is an Italian brand and their holos are absolutely stunning! These are now my favorite holo polishes, taking the place of my beloved HITS No Olimpos. The linear holographic effect in these polishes are so much stronger than any I have ever seen. I purchased these from an eBay seller but you can also find them on Amazon or Ulta.

Retro Pink and Jade Groove
Retro Pink and Jade Groove
 These next polishes I picked up on a whim at Target. N.OPI Iceberg Lotus is a really pretty jade green with a purple duochrome shift. I must say the shift is much more noticeable in the bottle than it is on the nail which is a bit disappointing but it's still a pretty color. The One That Got Away is a lovely dark red with gold flecks. See Ya Later Sailor is a sheer mint green with a hint of a pink shift.

L-R: Iceberg Lotus, The One That Got Away, See Ya Later Sailor
L-R: Iceberg Lotus, The One That Got Away, See Ya Later Sailor 
And last but not least, I got my jar of Buttella from Becca at OHWTO! This is a really yummy whipped cocoa butter that smells like Nutella! It literally melts into your skin like butter and absorbs quickly leaving your skin soft and smelling oh so yummy!

That's all for this week! Hope you enjoyed my haul!
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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Blog Destash Sale

I've decided I really really need to clean out my makeup stash. I have so much makeup that is just sitting in my closet not being used or loved so I've added a destash sale tab above. I'm still adding pictures of things to it and I will be updating it so check back often!
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Monday, April 9, 2012


Custom Franken Polish; Pegasus Poop

Hi everyone! I know it's been a really long time since I last posted but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things in the next couple weeks. In the past couple months, my obsession has drifted slightly from the world of indie makeup. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE makeup and I still buy it but lately my money has been going towards the newly discovered (for me at least) world of nail polish.

Haha, yes I designed a label for it.
I'll be sharing the nail polish I've purchased in later posts but I really wanted to show off a custom franken that I made and, with the help of a few lovely ladies in a makeup group I'm part of, named it Pegasus Poop. This is a really gorgeous multi-chrome polish with a linear holographic finish. This polish flashes green, gold, rose pink and purple along with a beautiful holographic rainbow to top it off.  I had sooo many compliments on this polish when I wore it! I don't think I've ever had as many random strangers ask me what polish I was wearing as much as I did when I wore this one. Enjoy!

Indoor no flash
Outdoor no flash. I did try layering this polish over different undies.
The only color that made a difference in this polish's color was the purple second on the left.
Outdoor no flash
Strong linear holo.
Honestly this is so much prettier in real life and has a much stronger linear holo than I could capture in pictures. 
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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Darling Girl Cosmetics Rainbow Brite Collection

Darling Girl's Rainbow Brite Collection is probably one of the most unusual collections that Susan has created. All the shades in this collection are absolutely stunning! In the jars, most of these shades look like plain white shadows with a tiny hint of color but when they're used over a black base they come alive in a beautiful rainbow of colors. I think of all the collections of Susan's I own (and I have 5 of them so far), I love this one the best!

Canary - Sheer canary yellow with blue, green and gold sparkles
Shy Violet - Sheer violet blue with blue and purple sparkles
Buddy Blue - Sheer baby blue with blue sparkles
Rainbow Brite - Gorgeous sheer baby pink with a slight red shift and rainbow sparkles

On-X - Sheer black based filled with rainbow sparkles
Red Butler - Sheer coppery red with blue and red sparkles
Lucky - Sheer iridescent green with red, green and blue sparkles
Indigo - Sheer lilac with blue and purple sparkles

Patty O' Green - Sheer yellow with a strong iridescent green shift and blue sparkles
Orange La La - Sheer orange with a pink shift and pink and orange sparkles
Persuasion (GWP) - Bright grapey purple with a gold shift
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Black Friday Haul

I had not ordered from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics since my first purchase awhile back so I decided to take advantage of their Cyber Monday sale. Kelly offered 6 full size eye shadows for $18 instead of the usual $25. I am still absolutely in love with her adorable packaging! From her recent Facebook updates it looks like Kelly is working on a pressed palette as well which I am super excited for! Anyways, enjoy the swatches!

Robin the Cradle - Very light blue with a strong coppery pink shift. I know it doesn't really look blue here but it is.
Insomnia - Pearly bubblegum pink. This is a really lovely girly pink.
Koi-eurism - Pearly kelly green with a slight silver shimmer.

Flounce Cat - Pearly ballerina pink with a hint of gold shift and shimmer.
Hera - Gorgeous dark olive green with a gold shift.
Orbital - Velvety suede with green undertones and green sparks. This is a very interesting color. It's not quite matte but definitely not shimmer either.
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Friday, December 16, 2011

My Pretty Zombie Black Friday Haul

I had not originally planned on making a Black Friday purchase from My Pretty Zombie until I saw the pictures and swatches of her brand new Blue Period Trio which made it's debut on Black Friday. This is an absolutely gorgeous collection and each of the shades are very glittery and so much prettier in real life!

Dissolution - Blue based royal purple filled with purple and red glitter.
Forsaken - Bright teal blue filled with blue glitter.
Infirmity - Blue based olive green filled with green and yellow glitter. This totally reminds me of Chanel's Peridot nail polish but in eye shadow form and way more glittery.

Grandma's Cleavage (sample) - Periwinkle blue with a gold shift. This one is so gorgeous! I don't think it's been released yet as it's currently not in her shop. I do want a full size of it once it is released!
Moist (sample) - Nectarine orange with a gold shift. Another that I believe has not been released yet.
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