Thursday, November 3, 2011

Callio Fragrance

I heard about Callio Fragrance because of a charity auction they participated in and placed them on my "to buy" list for later. I ended up winning a sample set of fragrances from Callio Fragrance as part of a 100 likes giveaway and I just received them today!

My packaged was shipped to me in a yellow bubble mailer. I was quite surprised by how well packaged the samples were when I received them. They were packaged in a small white pillow box wrapped with purple ribbon and a large Callio Fragrance sticker. The pillow box was wrapped in purple tissue paper as well as more bubble wrap. You'll never have to be afraid of anything breaking with packaging like this! =)

I received 6 sample vials of their perfume; Belle, Kiele, Adele, Tessa, Summer and Melee. The following are the scent descriptions from her Etsy shop followed by my own scent descriptions. Please keep in mind that everyone has a different sense of smell and my own descriptions may not be the same as how you might describe them. =)

Belle is a delicate powdery scent with a touch of peony and soft musk.

  • This is definitely a powdery scent. I can pick out the peony and soft musk but not at the beginning. At the first sniff it almost smells like alcohol. This is the one scent of the bunch that I didn't like.

Adele is a blend of soft rose, juicy just picked blackberries, dark Bourbon Vanilla, sweet Tahitian vanilla beans and musk. Adele is our most popular scent!

  • To me the strongest note is the juicy blackberries followed by the soft rose. The vanilla and musk hide slightly underneath the stronger notes and come forward a bit more once the perfume has dried down a bit. This reminds me of Bath and Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla

Kiele is the ultimate in sultry scents; lavish gardenia, jasmine, and tuberose blend together to create this enticing fragrance.

  • This one is a very green floral scent. I can smell all 3 flower notes quite clearly in this scent. It's definitely a very lush scent but if you're not a floral fan then you should steer clear.

Tessa is the perfect almond biscotti blend; almond paste, vanilla bean, lemon and a touch of sandalwood combine to create this delicious scent.

  • On my initial sniff of this I fell in love! Sweet almond and vanilla with a hint of lemon and a sandalwood base. YUM! Definitely a sweet foodie scent!

Summer is a blend of succulent peaches, sweet cantaloupe, soft freesia, a touch of sandalwood and musk.

  • On my initial sniff it immediately reminded me of Exotic home fragrance oil from The Body Shop. Sweet peaches and cantaloupe with a small hint of floral and a nice musk/sandalwood base. This really is the perfect summery scent!

Melee is a trip to a tropical island; exotic coconut, lemongrass, lush white flowers, vanilla bean and sensous sandalwood.

  • The coconut and white flowers are the strongest notes I could smell. The lemongrass is a bit overpowered by the coconut and white flowers but I could still pick it out. The sandalwood was a barely there hint underneath everything else. This is a bit heavier of a scent then I usually like but it's still lovely. =)

I'm really not sure how long wearing these are yet since I just received them but so far they seem to wear pretty well. These are not very complex scents like Wiggle Perfume or anything so if you're not into simpler scents these may not be for you. I personally think they're quite pretty and I definitely want to get full sizes of Tessa and Summer in the future! Have you tried Callio Fragrance?

4.5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**These products were sent to me as a prize. This does not in any way affect my opinion of the products. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own.


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