Thursday, March 31, 2011

ScaredyCat Sample Vials

5g jars filled about 3/4 full from the ScaredyCat Sample Vials!
I received my 5g jars from TKB trading yesterday so I decided to pot my 10 samples vials from ScaredyCat so I could finally swatch them all. As I started doing so, I was shocked by the amount of product coming out of the tiny little sample vials! I couldn't believe that those little vials held so much product. Hats off to Kelly because I have no idea how you pack all that pigment in those vials!

Empty vial next to a filled 5g jar!
I don't think I know of any other MMUC that gives such generous samples. So I would definitely say that her samples vials at $1 each are a huge deal! I am now thoroughly convinced that even her 4g full size jars probably contain more than what you could fit in your average 5g jars if you tried potting them in a regular jar. So what are you waiting for? Go check out her shop!

5g jar without the sifter

Can you believe this?!? AMAZING!


Jessie Jane Townsend said...

yay! that's awesome! i hope mine get here tomorrow! which green is that?

Amanda T. said...

@Jessie, the green is Eire. =)

Jessie Jane Townsend said...

okay. i ordered draconia and caledonia. can't wait to see your swatches!

Amanda T. said...

Draconia is gorgeous! If you check my ScaredyCat review there's a swatch of it.

Jessie Jane Townsend said...

ooh! that is pretty!

Angela said...

You should check out Chakra it's amazing! I was also shocked at the amount of product in the cute little vials,definitely recommend ScardeyCat!

Amanda T. said...

@Angela, I have Chakra! If you check out my actual ScaredyCat review there's a swatch on there. =)

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