Wednesday, August 24, 2011

StellaStarish Cosmetics

Love the hand-stamped box!
StellaStarish Cosmetics is a fairly new company but the owner is no newbie to the MMU world. Stella has had her YouTube channel and Facebook page for quite awhile and has recently realized her dream of having her own cosmetic line!

I placed my order on August 17 and received it on August 22 so the TAT was a freaking fabulous 3 business days! Stella I don't know how you can handle being a mommy to 3 boys, run your own business and have a TAT like that but you go girl! I absolutely LOVE the attention to detail that Stella puts in to her packages. My package was mailed to me in a plain manila envelope and inside the envelope was this beautiful hand stamped box containing my goodies as well as a PayPal invoice. I ordered her Take TEN (which is choose 10 pigments for $40) and 2 additional pigments for $4.50 each. I did not receive any free samples but instead I actually received a full 5g jar of Scorpio for free!

List of ingredients and the adorable star charm bracelet!
Cute quote and website information
All my pretty piggies!
Super cute individual custom labels
All of the eye shadow jars are labeled on the top and the bottom with printed paper labels. The labels on top have the logo and the labels on the bottom have custom labels for each shade. I would eventually like to see the labels laminated as the paper is easily smudged when it gets wet or dirty (I accidentally got one of mine wet with a makeup removing towelette). Now for the part everyone likes best...the swatches! I swatched all of these shadows over Hi-Fi Cosmetics High Impact Shadow Fix because I knew these would be pretty glittery.

Pegasus - Light bubble gum pink with holographic glitter. I love how pretty this pink is and perfectly suited to it's name.

Lila's Light Year - Bright white with every color imaginable glitter! I can see iridescent, holographic, blue, red and pink glitter. I'm pretty sure there's more colors of glitter than that in it though because Stella said there's 10 different glitters in it!

Gemini - Really gorgeous shimmery purple with aqua glitter. I am a big fan of purples and this one is awesome!

Aquarius - Almost-matte aquamarine with holographic glitter. I'm liking this almost-matte piggie and think it'd make an awesome lid color.

Sagittarius - Medium red-based shimmery purple

Mercury - Silvery gunmetal grey. This is going to make a killer smokey eye!

Leo - Sheer golden yellow. Awesome as a highlight.

Charlie's Comet -  Very pretty brick red with a hint of aqua shimmer.

Venus - Medium bubble gum pink with a gold shift. Pink lovers this one is for you!

Rocket - Deep black with red and purple sparkle. If this were a matte color, MAC's Carbon would be jealous! This is about as black as you can get and Carbon looks grey-ish compared to it.

Pavo - Ultraviolet blue with a gold shift. Quite the unique color as I don't have anything else like it in my collection.

Savannah's Storm - Silvery grey/lilac shimmer. Another of those that lives up to it's name as it reminds me of one of the colors of the sky during a storm.

Scorpio - Bright orange-based red with gold glitter.

Her website is fairly simple and easy to navigate and she uses a PayPal shopping cart which I assume most people are generally familiar with using. Stella has very good customer service and is always on her Facebook answering questions and what not. Overall shopping with StellaStarish Cosmetics was great and I'll definitely be back for more!

So now that you've read my review, go check StellaStarish Cosmetics out! Starting this Friday August 26 5pm EST through Saturday August 27 5pm EST Stella is having a sale on her Take TEN! deal. Instead of the usual 10 eye shadows for $40 she's making it a Take TWELVE! and dropping the price to $35 with free shipping!! Seriously this is an amazing deal so go take advantage of it if you can this weekend!

5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**All products were purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way, 
shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own.


StellaStarish said...

Amanda I am almost without this is seldom!:D Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I am so pleased you're happy with all of your products! Yes, life can be a little hectic having the store and 3 little ones but makeup is my passion and it's all worth it! Thank you so much for your kind words!

xoxoxox, Stella

The Peach said...

Great review! I love seeing positive reviews of new indie companies! I haven't heard of Stella Starish before, but I'm going to go check out her shop! Thanks for the swatches!

Amanda S. said...

@Stella, you're very welcome!
@Jill, definitely check Stella out she's a doll!

Robyn said...

I've not heard of this company before but I'm going to go and have a look. The individually designed labels make me happy.

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