Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Black Friday Haul

I had not ordered from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics since my first purchase awhile back so I decided to take advantage of their Cyber Monday sale. Kelly offered 6 full size eye shadows for $18 instead of the usual $25. I am still absolutely in love with her adorable packaging! From her recent Facebook updates it looks like Kelly is working on a pressed palette as well which I am super excited for! Anyways, enjoy the swatches!

Robin the Cradle - Very light blue with a strong coppery pink shift. I know it doesn't really look blue here but it is.
Insomnia - Pearly bubblegum pink. This is a really lovely girly pink.
Koi-eurism - Pearly kelly green with a slight silver shimmer.

Flounce Cat - Pearly ballerina pink with a hint of gold shift and shimmer.
Hera - Gorgeous dark olive green with a gold shift.
Orbital - Velvety suede with green undertones and green sparks. This is a very interesting color. It's not quite matte but definitely not shimmer either.


habbott2 said...

oooh I love that Koi-eurism! Their colors are so vibrant! I'm gonna have to check them out!


Amanda S. said...

Heidi, You have to check out their jars!! They have absolutely the cutest packaging ever!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Koi-eurism is beautiful, and such a funny name XD I also like the look of Hera.

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