Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aromaleigh Astronomical Collection Part 2

These are the remaining shades from the LE Astronomical Collection. I believe most of these colors are still available so go get them while you can! Seriously you won't be disappointed because they're all so gorgeous! Also Miss K has updated her AL stock and some of the previously sold out shades from some of the other collections are now available! This is super exciting because I was able to get my hands on some of the shades that I REALLY wanted! Enjoy the swatches!

Extragallactic - Taupe-y lilac with purple sparks
Binary - Frosty lemon yellow with pink sparks
Celestial - Frosty baby pink with gold sparks
Apogee - Frosty mauve with orange and silver sparks

Ephemeris - Medium frosty brown with iridescent sparks
Antimatter - Almost matte dove grey with purple and blue sparks
Perihelion - Frosty ivory with purple sparks
Azimuth - Greyed light blue with an aqua shift and aqua sparks

Neutrino - Dark browned burgundy with aqua, purple and iridescent sparks
Magellanic - Chocolate brown with a slight copper shift and iridescent sparks
Blueshift - Light lavender with purple and blue sparks
Big Bang - Dark purple with copper and aqua sparks
Heliosphere - An interesting antiqued gold with red sparks


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