Friday, September 9, 2011

Aromaleigh Astronomical Collection

I think of the last remaining LE collections this one is my favorite. All the colors in this collection are stunningly beautiful and after I place my very last order with AL I will have every shade in this collection. If you like very sparkley shades this collection is for you as this is the sparkliest of the 4 remaining collections.

Fusion - Light green with a hint of a gold shift and tons of navy sparkle
Milky Way - Very light slightly pink-y beige with gorgeous iridescent sparkle
Wavelength - Pretty silver-y medium blue with silver sparkle
Retrograde - Mauve with copper and iridescent sparkle

Event Horizon - Gorgeous mermaid blue/green with a gold shift and blue and yellow iridescent sparkle
Megaparsec - Burgundy with tons of gold sparkle
Pulsar - Pumpkin orange with a slight greenish gold shift and green iridescent sparkle
Crescent - Canary yellow with blue sparkle

Umbra - Dusty lilac with iridescent sparkle and a hint of a gold shift
Escape Velocity - Dusty navy with rainbow sparkles
Nadir - Champagne rose with pink, copper and iridescent sparkle

The last remaining inventory of this collection can be purchased here.


SilhouetteScreams said...

I like the look of Fusion and Escape Velocity! :D

Amanda S. said...

You have got to see this collection in person because it's absolutely gorgeous! As I was swatching I kept thinking that each shade was my

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