Monday, September 19, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics Swatch Spam

So I've decided to take on a rather ambitious project of swatching and photographing my entire makeup collection. Swatches have always been super helpful for me in decided what shades I want to purchase and I thought it'd be nice to have a full library of swatches for you in one easy to find place. I'll be putting up a page with links to all the swatch posts on my blog as soon as I've figured out how best to organize everything.

In the meantime, this is currently my entire collection of Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadows excluding the Hello Kitty Collection which is in another post and also excluding the Pretty Little Horses Collection which I have yet to receive in the mail. Please keep in mind I tried to photograph them as accurately as possible but they don't always come out as true to life as I would like them to. Also some of these colors marked as GWP may not be available for purchase as they are Susan's gift with purchase as well as Eye Candy which were oops colors I believe.

Tragic Romance - Warm red plum with gold shift
Danceteria - Sheer metallic silver loaded with holographic glitter
Emerald City (GWP) - Gorgeous emerald green with gold shift
Blue Monday - Light cornflower blue with coppery pink shift

Whisper - Barest hint of pink with silver shimmer
Stolen Kisses - Deep satin-y purple wine
Demonwasp (GWP) - Pretty medium green with a hint of a gold shift and holographic sparkle
Chasing Waterfalls - Gorgeous metallic blue water

Noble - Shimmery grey-ish beige
La La - Really pretty medium purple with a pinkish shift and holographic glitter
Hollywood (GWP) - Toasty shimmery brown with red sparkle
Butterfly Flutterby - Bright metallic blue with aqua glitter

Frolic - Red-based purple with a hint of blue shift
Gargoyle - Antique gold with purple sparkles
Palm Springs - Peach pink with silver shimmer
Peace - Dusty blue with a slight pink shift

Babylon - Shimmery light beige with peach undertones
Wicked - Lime green with a hint of gold shift
Polaris - Chocolate brown with a green shift and red glitter
New Beginnings (GWP) - Intense red-based matte purple with gold glitter

Exhale - Light lilac with a slight aqua shift and aqua glitter
Ethereal - Very light pink with silvery shimmer. This one definitely lives up to its name!
Covet - Grass green with a gold shift
Gelato - Bright bubble gum pink with a hint of aqua shift

Sugar Plum - Pretty shimmery mauve
Lily of the Valley - Bright white with white glitter
Mojito - Tiffany blue with hints of gold shimmer
Dandelion Dust (GWP) - Light frosty yellow with purple sparkle

Mardis Gras - Shimmery iridescent teal green
Pique - Coppery gold with a hint of orange shift and pink glitter
Chimera - Sheer silvery lavender with gold glitter
Twyla - Sheer mint green

Eye Candy - Light orange sherbet with gold sparks
Trust Fund - Goldilocks yellow with a slight pink shift
Eye Candy - Gorgeous burgundy with gold and iridescent sparks
Clusterfluff - Lilac taupe with aqua, pink and purple sparks

Belle - Sheer warm pink with a slight violet shift
Party Girl - Matte baby pink with a slight gold shift
Los Angelitos - Sheer pearly ivory with silver glitter
First Frost - Metallic light pink


The Peach said...

So many pretty colors! Doesn't Susan make beautifl shadows?! I just received a small order from DG today. Couldn't wait to play with all the colors! Thanks for the swatches!

Amanda S. said...

@Jill, I love DGC! One of my favorite MMUCs!

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