Friday, September 9, 2011

Aromaleigh Mythos Collection

The lovely Miss K of the now close Aromaleigh has announced that she still has quite an inventory of her last few collections (Mythos, Astronomical, Spells and Wonderstruck) and is selling off what she can for the LAST TIME. So if you're having problems deciding what colors you want check out my swatches! Keep in mind that as always, these shades are much more sparkley and beautiful in real life.

Theia -  Light sea foam green with silver and yellow sparkle
Ananke - Gorgeous fuschia with purple and silver sparkle
Nyx - Dusty violet with aqua and holographic sparkle. My camera eats purple apparently so this appears more blue than it actually is.
Eos - Rusty rose gold with a strong gold shift. This was a completely unexpected color and is absolutely gorgeous! SO much better in person than in pictures.

Athena - Purple wine color with violet and holographic sparkle. This appears more red in the picture than it really is in real life.
Rhea - Silvery white with tons of silver sparkle
Erobos - Dark plum purple with purple and holographic sparkle
Tethys - Light chartreuse with blue and  purple sparkle and a very slight hint of gold shift.

The last remaining inventory of this collection can be purchased here.


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