Friday, September 30, 2011

Simply Sweet Skin

I had been hearing a lot about Simply Sweet Skin from many of my friends in the makeup and blogging world and decided I wanted to give them a try as well. I finally ended up ordering during her labor day weekend sale when Catina was offering 20% off her new fall products as well as a free matching lip butter with the purchase of a lip scrub. I placed my order on Sept 4 received it on Sept 16. Her stated TAT is 3-10 business days so my order fell well within her stated TAT which of course is always good and always appreciated. =)

My order was shipped to me in a large flat rate bubble mailer. Inside everything was wrapped in green tissue and filled with purple glitter and confetti. I could have done without all the glitter as it was rather messy and ended up everywhere. I really liked that all of my products were shrink wrapped and well sealed so I knew that nothing had been tampered with during shipping.

I had heard really great things about the Sweet Lemon Body Polish so I added it to my order at the last minute. I wasn't really a huge fan of the scent. I had expected a more fruity and bright authentic lemon scent and this to me smelled more like a fake sort of lemon slushie scent. I paid $7.75 for a 4 oz. jar which is a bit on the higher side.

Lemon Body Polish Texture
The texture reminds me of  damp sand on the edge of the beach, a very soft feel with gentle exfoliation. I really love how soft my skin feels after using this! I almost feel like I don't have to use any moisturizer after I rinse off which is awesome! This is something I could see myself ordering all the time. =)

I ordered the Whipped Body Frosting in Toasted Almond Torte. It definitely smells very much like a baked almond dessert. =) It kind of reminds me of the smell of the cupcake dolls I had when I was younger. For some reason, when I opened this right after receiving it in the mail it was very firm, almost hard. Not sure why this was since the weather here has been quite warm but after about an hour or so it softened up to a nice light texture.

Body Frosting texture
My initial impressions upon application was that the frosting was VERY greasy. It almost looks like you put straight up vegetable oil on your skin. It does melt into your skin after about 10-20 seconds or so and leaves your skin lightly scented and super soft! One thing I learned very quickly is that you only really need to use a tiny bit as it goes a loooong way. I ordered the 2 oz. size for $5.25. It might seem pricey for the amount of product you're getting but it actually isn't that bad since even the 2 oz jar is going to last forever because you don't need to use as much of it as you would with a regular lotion.

I think of all the scents I ordered this one is my favorite. Sweet Tooth smells like cherry candy with a hint of almonds...yummy! It leaves a light scent on your skin that dissipates fairly quickly. I paid $6.00 for a 4 oz jar which is about average for this type of product.

Whipped Soap texture
I found this whipped creme soap to be very similar to Anderson Soap Co's Whipped Soap in a Jar. It had a nice soft texture and wasn't hard like some of the other whipped soaps I've tried. It works up to a decent lather, not super bubbley or anything but not completely devoid of bubbles either. It feels almost like a lotion with lather. It's very smooth when applying with no chunks or anything which is really nice. This is probably one of the better whipped soaps I've tried. =)

I absolutely love Creme de Menthe and this did not let me down! It smells like a very sweet and creamy mint! <3 It also tastes fabulous! =P I paid $4.25 for this 10mL jar which is on the pricier side to me since I normally pay $2.99 for a 15mL jar from Brazen Cosmetics. At the present they are listed for $5.00 in the Artfire store.

Texture wise, I generally prefer my lip scrubs to be slightly drier than this one was. It is similar to my favorite lip scrubs from Brazen Cosmetics but a little more oily. The Brazen lip scrubs are fairly dry and the oils in it are kept to a good ratio where none of the oils really leak out of the product. With this one the oils leak out a bit into the jar threads and outside of the jar so the packaging ends up feeling a bit oily. I did like the size of the sugar particles in this scrub. Some companies make it with sugar that's too small so it doesn't exfoliate enough or too large where it feels like little pebbles on your lips but this one is just right. =)

This is my freebie matching lip butter and this is normally $3.50 which is about average for this type of product. It is the same Creme de Menthe flavor as the lip scrub and I love how it makes my lips feel fresh and slightly tingly because of the mint. Texture wise it glides on easily and smoothly and leaves behind a hint of shine which is perfect. I don't like it when lip balms leave you with super shiny gloss lips because if I wanted it to be a gloss I would have bought a gloss. I think my favorite lip balms right now are this one and my Darling Girl Cosmetics lip balm.

Overall I enjoyed the products I purchased from this company. The branding is adorable! In the future I would like to see waterproof labels especially on the soaps and scrubs. Catina has a wide range of bath and body products and definitely has something for everyone. I have my eye on a few more things and will probably be ordering again sometime in the near future. Have you tried Simply Sweet Skin? Tell me what you think!

4.5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**All products were purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own.
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My Professional Wedding Pictures!

So this totally isn't makeup related but I wanted to share my wedding pictures with you! As a lot of you know I got married in May but I didn't receive the pictures until a few days ago. They were COMPLETELY worth the wait! Our photographers did an absolutely fabulous job and I am completely in love with them! I would post them all in the blog post if I could but I haven't received the CDs in the mail yet so go check out the pics on my photographer's blog here!
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Friday, September 23, 2011


Madd Style Cosmetics

Cute little packaging!
This isn't the first order I've placed with Madd Style Cosmetics (MSC) but I didn't review the first order because I didn't have time to compile everything. I found MSC originally when they were on Etsy but they have now moved to Artfire as so many other MMUC's have done and are doing. Ordering is very straightforward using the ArtFire interface. I placed my order on Sept. 6 and received my package on Sept 19.  I received a shipping notification on Sept 15 so her TAT was 6 business days which falls within her stated 5-8 business days TAT.

My order arrived in a plain manilla envelope (not a bubble mailer) and inside was the cute little zebra print bag with the small heart sticker. Inside the bag was the above ziploc bag with my order and a small square card with the MSC logo and website on the front and a list of eye shadow ingredients on the back.

Ingredients List
The 10 samples I ordered
I ordered 2 packs of samples for $4.00 and my total with shipping was $10.25. Each pack consists of 5 samples so the pricing is very reasonable and less than what most other MMUC's charge.  Her samples are very generous, each clamshell is almost completely full.

Close-up of sample label

Frankenstein - Bright teal green with holographic glitter
Gunslinger Girl - Slightly darkened grape purple with silver glitter
She Bop - Hot pink with pink glitter
Pisces - Iridescent mint green with gold duochrome. This was from my first MSC order but I hadn't swatched it before so I threw it in here.

Seaglasm - Frosty sea green with silver shimmer
Glitter & Doom - Gorgeous blue-based deep purple with green and purple glitter. This is another that was also from my first MSC order that hadn't been swatched.
Bam! Rock! - Metallic red-ish pink
Chatter Box - Jungle green/blue with strong pink duochrome

Tron - Medium teal with silver sparkle
Graffiti Jungle - Dark jungle green rainbow shimmer
Illuminati - Light lavender with an iridescent green sheen
Double Rainbow - Gorgeous deep black with a rainbow of sparkles. This is a dupe for Archetype Cosmetics' Oil Slick only better since this is a deeper black. Definitely my FAVE of this lot!! Sooo much more gorgeous in person.

The shadows are smooth and very blendable. Some of the more glittery shades such as Double Rainbow, and Glitter & Doom I would definitely recommend using with a sticky base like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy or DGC's Glitter Glue to really bring out the glitter help prevent fallout. All of Mo's products are vegan which honestly isn't important to me but I know there are quite a few people out there that will appreciate this.

Mo does not offer samples on a regular basis which is a shame since I know a lot of people like to try samples before buying full sizes. I understand that samples are normally time consuming to fill but it would be nice if she did offer them on a more regular basis. If you want to know when she will be offering her samples your best bet would be to like her FB page as she always posts on there when she is offering her sample packs. Check out MSC when you get the chance and tell me what you think!

5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**All products were purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Aromaleigh Astronomical Collection Part 2

These are the remaining shades from the LE Astronomical Collection. I believe most of these colors are still available so go get them while you can! Seriously you won't be disappointed because they're all so gorgeous! Also Miss K has updated her AL stock and some of the previously sold out shades from some of the other collections are now available! This is super exciting because I was able to get my hands on some of the shades that I REALLY wanted! Enjoy the swatches!

Extragallactic - Taupe-y lilac with purple sparks
Binary - Frosty lemon yellow with pink sparks
Celestial - Frosty baby pink with gold sparks
Apogee - Frosty mauve with orange and silver sparks

Ephemeris - Medium frosty brown with iridescent sparks
Antimatter - Almost matte dove grey with purple and blue sparks
Perihelion - Frosty ivory with purple sparks
Azimuth - Greyed light blue with an aqua shift and aqua sparks

Neutrino - Dark browned burgundy with aqua, purple and iridescent sparks
Magellanic - Chocolate brown with a slight copper shift and iridescent sparks
Blueshift - Light lavender with purple and blue sparks
Big Bang - Dark purple with copper and aqua sparks
Heliosphere - An interesting antiqued gold with red sparks
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Madd Style Cosmetics Swatches

The following swatches are from my very first order from Madd Style Cosmetics (MSC). I'm going to do my review on the second order I placed more recently though since I can't exactly remember all the details from this first order as it was back in April or May. So for now just enjoy these gorgeous swatches. =)

Seedless - Light bubble gum pink with a strong iridescent green shift. This one is really a beautiful pink.
Kozmosis - Bright matte teal loaded with holographic glitter
Princess Buttah Cup - Shimmery canary yellow
Spirited Away - Dark periwinkle with gold glitter

Kitty Wumpous - Black based deep purple loaded with blue and purple glitter. It looks completely black in the picture but it isn't completely black in real life.
Lotus Bloom - Iridescent shimmery sea foam green
Weird Science - Gorgeous grey based shimmery army green
Bubble Gum Crisis - Shimmery light bubble gum pink
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Wet N Wild Coloricon LE Sparkle City Collection

Hello to my readers! I have a small request and if any of you would be able to oblige me I would be eternally grateful! I have been lusting after the new Wet N Wild LE Sparkle City Collection and unfortunately I can't find it at any of my local drugstores (it seems none of them ever carry the LE If any of you could CP a set of all 4 palettes for me please email me at Thanks so much!
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Monday, September 19, 2011


StellaStarish Cosmetics Second Haul!

I really enjoyed my last order from StellaStarish Cosmetics and decided to place another order when she was offering free shipping. =) I ended up purchasing the Mother Earth Stackable as well as two of her newer pigments Michelle's Meteor and Serpens. Even though I knew that Stella doesn't actually formulate the stackables herself I couldn't resist this particular one because the colors are absolutely gorgeous!

Shade #1 - Gorgeous chocolate brown with gold shift
Shade #2 - Pure glittering gold
Shade #3 - Light straw yellow with strong green shift
Shade #4 - Very light green with silver shimmer
Shade #5 - Strong blue based green with light gold shift. I am absolutely in LOVE with this color!

Michelle's Meteor - Bright royal blue with gold holographic sparkle. I really love this color! It's extremely pigmented and the gold holo sparkle is just absolutely brilliant!

Serpens - Dusty teal with silver sparkle
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Darling Girl Cosmetics Swatch Spam

So I've decided to take on a rather ambitious project of swatching and photographing my entire makeup collection. Swatches have always been super helpful for me in decided what shades I want to purchase and I thought it'd be nice to have a full library of swatches for you in one easy to find place. I'll be putting up a page with links to all the swatch posts on my blog as soon as I've figured out how best to organize everything.

In the meantime, this is currently my entire collection of Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadows excluding the Hello Kitty Collection which is in another post and also excluding the Pretty Little Horses Collection which I have yet to receive in the mail. Please keep in mind I tried to photograph them as accurately as possible but they don't always come out as true to life as I would like them to. Also some of these colors marked as GWP may not be available for purchase as they are Susan's gift with purchase as well as Eye Candy which were oops colors I believe.

Tragic Romance - Warm red plum with gold shift
Danceteria - Sheer metallic silver loaded with holographic glitter
Emerald City (GWP) - Gorgeous emerald green with gold shift
Blue Monday - Light cornflower blue with coppery pink shift

Whisper - Barest hint of pink with silver shimmer
Stolen Kisses - Deep satin-y purple wine
Demonwasp (GWP) - Pretty medium green with a hint of a gold shift and holographic sparkle
Chasing Waterfalls - Gorgeous metallic blue water

Noble - Shimmery grey-ish beige
La La - Really pretty medium purple with a pinkish shift and holographic glitter
Hollywood (GWP) - Toasty shimmery brown with red sparkle
Butterfly Flutterby - Bright metallic blue with aqua glitter

Frolic - Red-based purple with a hint of blue shift
Gargoyle - Antique gold with purple sparkles
Palm Springs - Peach pink with silver shimmer
Peace - Dusty blue with a slight pink shift

Babylon - Shimmery light beige with peach undertones
Wicked - Lime green with a hint of gold shift
Polaris - Chocolate brown with a green shift and red glitter
New Beginnings (GWP) - Intense red-based matte purple with gold glitter

Exhale - Light lilac with a slight aqua shift and aqua glitter
Ethereal - Very light pink with silvery shimmer. This one definitely lives up to its name!
Covet - Grass green with a gold shift
Gelato - Bright bubble gum pink with a hint of aqua shift

Sugar Plum - Pretty shimmery mauve
Lily of the Valley - Bright white with white glitter
Mojito - Tiffany blue with hints of gold shimmer
Dandelion Dust (GWP) - Light frosty yellow with purple sparkle

Mardis Gras - Shimmery iridescent teal green
Pique - Coppery gold with a hint of orange shift and pink glitter
Chimera - Sheer silvery lavender with gold glitter
Twyla - Sheer mint green

Eye Candy - Light orange sherbet with gold sparks
Trust Fund - Goldilocks yellow with a slight pink shift
Eye Candy - Gorgeous burgundy with gold and iridescent sparks
Clusterfluff - Lilac taupe with aqua, pink and purple sparks

Belle - Sheer warm pink with a slight violet shift
Party Girl - Matte baby pink with a slight gold shift
Los Angelitos - Sheer pearly ivory with silver glitter
First Frost - Metallic light pink

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Sunday, September 18, 2011


The Crow and the Powderpuff Giveaway

There's an awesome giveaway going on over at The Crow and the Powderpuff's blog and I highly suggest you go check it out! She's giving away 2 LE Wet N Wild Palettes from the Dreamweavers collection as well as Glamour Doll Eyes and Sugarpill pigments and a few other things. You can enter the giveaway here!
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Friday, September 9, 2011


Aromaleigh Wonderstruck Collection

This is my second favorite collection and unfortunately I'm missing some of the shades I really wanted from this collection, in particular Melancholy Maiden and Tattered and Grown.

Frumious - Dark rusted burgundy with blue, fuchsia and coral sparkle
Looking Glass - Silver-y blue/gray with holographic sparkle
We're All Mad Here - Light lime green with yellow sparkle
Opiate Advice - Lavender with aqua sparkle

Curious Dream - Very light blue-ish green with green iridescent sparkle
Temper Temper - Purple wine color with blue and fuchsia sparkle
The Wrong Alice - Gorgeous medium blue with gold shift and aqua and purple sparkle

The last remaining inventory of this collection can be purchased here.
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Aromaleigh Astronomical Collection

I think of the last remaining LE collections this one is my favorite. All the colors in this collection are stunningly beautiful and after I place my very last order with AL I will have every shade in this collection. If you like very sparkley shades this collection is for you as this is the sparkliest of the 4 remaining collections.

Fusion - Light green with a hint of a gold shift and tons of navy sparkle
Milky Way - Very light slightly pink-y beige with gorgeous iridescent sparkle
Wavelength - Pretty silver-y medium blue with silver sparkle
Retrograde - Mauve with copper and iridescent sparkle

Event Horizon - Gorgeous mermaid blue/green with a gold shift and blue and yellow iridescent sparkle
Megaparsec - Burgundy with tons of gold sparkle
Pulsar - Pumpkin orange with a slight greenish gold shift and green iridescent sparkle
Crescent - Canary yellow with blue sparkle

Umbra - Dusty lilac with iridescent sparkle and a hint of a gold shift
Escape Velocity - Dusty navy with rainbow sparkles
Nadir - Champagne rose with pink, copper and iridescent sparkle

The last remaining inventory of this collection can be purchased here.
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Aromaleigh Spells Collection

The Spells Collection seems to be one of the more popular collection as many of the shades were sold out by the time I had ordered. This is partly the reason why I don't have as many shades from this collection. However there are still some of these beautiful shades available for sale right now.

Riddikulus - Pinky purple with holographic and pink sparkles. Reminds me of My Little Ponies...xD
Impervius - Metallic silvery grey
Serpensortia - Golden olive with purple sparkle

Rictusempra - Rust orange-y brown with iridescent and orange sparkle
Diffindo - Dusty aqua with gold and holographic sparkle

*EDIT 9/19/11* I was lucky enough to be able to purchase Miss K's last jar of Wingardium Leviosa when she discovered a few stragglers! Swatch is below.

Wingardium Leviosa - Gorgeous dusty mauve with holographic sparkle

*EDIT 9/28/11* Miss K found even more stragglers and this time of some of the most sought after shades in this collection! Swatches below.

Nox - Blackened plum with red, green and copper glitter
Obliviate - Medium grape purple with iridescent green and purple glitter
Tarantallegra - Light pearl pink with blue and green iridescent glitter and a light green/gold shift
Morsmordre - Dark blue-based purple with lots of green iridescent glitter
Priori Encantato - Burnished golden brown with green and red glitter

The last remaining inventory of this collection can be purchased here.
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Aromaleigh Mythos Collection

The lovely Miss K of the now close Aromaleigh has announced that she still has quite an inventory of her last few collections (Mythos, Astronomical, Spells and Wonderstruck) and is selling off what she can for the LAST TIME. So if you're having problems deciding what colors you want check out my swatches! Keep in mind that as always, these shades are much more sparkley and beautiful in real life.

Theia -  Light sea foam green with silver and yellow sparkle
Ananke - Gorgeous fuschia with purple and silver sparkle
Nyx - Dusty violet with aqua and holographic sparkle. My camera eats purple apparently so this appears more blue than it actually is.
Eos - Rusty rose gold with a strong gold shift. This was a completely unexpected color and is absolutely gorgeous! SO much better in person than in pictures.

Athena - Purple wine color with violet and holographic sparkle. This appears more red in the picture than it really is in real life.
Rhea - Silvery white with tons of silver sparkle
Erobos - Dark plum purple with purple and holographic sparkle
Tethys - Light chartreuse with blue and  purple sparkle and a very slight hint of gold shift.

The last remaining inventory of this collection can be purchased here.

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