Monday, June 20, 2011

My Pretty Zombie Revisited

My Pretty Zombie had a recent Heartsy deal which, after my first order, I took full advantage of. I am a VIP Heartsy member so I was able to buy this deal the day before it was released as well as receive an additional $10 credit. Small side note here, paying for VIP on Heartsy is totally worth it if you buy at least 2-3 vouchers a month. You get early access to deals so you know that you will be able to get whatever deal you're after before it gets sold out and also a lot of the deal offer and additional $10 credit so the VIP membership pays for itself.

Anyways, back to MPZ...I had Andrea put together a custom listing for me right before the Heartsy deal was released so that I wouldn't have to hunt through her listings for the colors I wanted. I ended up choosing 7 full size colors for my custom order. Check out my swatches below!

Bettie - pretty aqua shimmer

Roxie - hot pink with pink and purple glitter

Bride - bright white with silver glitter

Unicorn Pee - very light lavender chock full of holographic glitter. OMG this color is FREAKING AMAZING!!! If you only buy one shadow from MPZ BUY THIS ONE!!!! (oh and wonder of wonders, my camera actually picked up the glitters!)

Violet - dusty violet with aqua glitter

Agony's Decay - chartreuse with holographic glitter

Illustrated Ink - metallic navy with an aqua shift

After my no-buy, there are a couple of other MPZ shades I really want to pick up...although I doubt I'll love any of them as much as Unicorn Pee!!


Ki said...

Unicorn pee and agony's decay look fantastic! I can't wait to spend my voucher! :D

sepia_raven said...

I frickin love unicorn pee!

The Peach said...

Unicorn Pee is such a pretty color! MPZ is gaining a lot of popularity these days! I'm still wanting to get the mNg trio!

Amanda S. said...

@Ki, Agony's Decay is gorgeous! and Unicorn Pee...well I don't think I need to rave about that one anymmore.. =P

@Sepia Unicorn Pee doesn't look like a whole lot in the jar but when it's on...SPARKLEH!!

@Jill, yup I've noticed MPZ is becoming quite popular too. I think it's because people are beginning to realize her colors have much more in them than initially meets the eye. I think it'd be really helpful for her if she posted actual swatches in her listings.

SilhouetteScreams said...

I love the look of Agony's Decay! And Unicorn Pee is an awesome name XD

Amanda S. said...

@Jerry Agony's Decay looks waay better in real life!

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