Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes The Sun Collection
Veronica, the owner of Hi-Fi Cosmetics, released this Here Comes The Sun Collection at the end of April and I took advantage of a 10% off sale she had to purchase the entire set. I love how much thought she puts into each of her collections and this one is no exception.

The eye shadows
With the exception of 3 of her current collections, all of them have 10 eye shadows and 3 lip glazes in them. This is my first time trying her lip glazes as before I have always just ordered her eye shadows. So far I have liked these lip glazes quite a bit. They have a slight minty flavor to them and are very smooth, pigmented and not too sticky. I'm not too sure how long they wear yet since I haven't worn any of them for any length of time but from what I've read they're fairly long lasting. The eye shadows are as usual very sparkly, pigmented and smooth.

Spotlight Lip Glazes

Beach Body - pale champagne with holographic glitter

Into the Lavender - pale satiny lavender

Silver Lining - baby blue with a touch of holographic glitter

Hula - medium bubblegum pink with iridescent green glitter

Margaritaville - shimmery medium green with gold duochrome and holographic glitter. This is really similar to Persephone Minerals Jupiter Crystal Power except this one is a darker shade of green.

Dreamsicle - bright creamy orange with iridescent orange shimmer. The picture makes it look more yellow than it really is. Reminds me exactly of an orange creamsicle!

Ramblin' Rose - soft satiny pink with a hint of gold shimmer.

Summer Lovin' - bright yellow with PINK glitter. This is now my current favorite yellow! Absolutely love the pink glitter in it!

Yay! Blogger cooperated with me and I was able to fix the flipping!
Kokomo - bright shimmery aquamarine. The picture of this one to me is not very accurate. This is a really gorgeous aqua/teal and is way brighter in person.

Pink Lemonade - baby pink with tons of gold and iridescent glitter. Definitely the most glittery of the bunch, it's super pretty!

Cruel Summer - very bright orange-y coral!

Car Wash - shimmery lilac with pink shimmer

Spring Fling - cool blue-toned pink with gold shimmer

So far, this is the only complete collection I've ordered from Hi-Fi but I honestly think I love this collection the best out of all her collections based on the random shadows I have from her other collections and of course other swatches done by various beauty bloggers. The colors here are absolutely gorgeous, very sparkly and great colors for summer. My swatches and photos really do not do this collection justice at all so I totally recommend buying this collection or at least the samples of it and trying it out yourself!

5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

** All products were purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own.


Ki said...

Beach body and dreamsicle look great! :D

Robyn said...

Nothing here that I don't like, ha ha! I love Hi-Fi shadows, they apply like a dream.

Amanda S. said...

@Ki Beach Body is gorgeous! It's somewhat close to Persephone's Super Sailor Moon but more champagne colored and with holographic glitter. Dreamsicle is also very pretty!

@Robyn,definitely love the whole collection!

Reggie (R.M. Jackson) said...

I love all of these, especially Margaritaville and Kokomo. I really need some after my no-buy ends!

The Peach said...

So many pretty colors! I haven't ordered anything from Hi-Fi in such a long time... The Lip Glazes look awesome!

Amanda S. said...

@Reggie, Kokomo is awesome!! That's probably my favorite color of this collection.

@Peach, did you see the lip glazes from her newest Summer Nights Collection? I definitely WANT those ones!

Melissa said...

I need Cruel Summer... like yesterday!

Amanda S. said...

@ Melissa Cruel Summer is an awesome coral lip color!

Snarky P said...

Oohhh lovely!
The colors are amaaaa-zing!

And by the way... I awarded you!

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