Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Persephone Minerals Part Deux

Hello again Persephone Minerals! I loved the first order I received from Victoria and I placed another order with her about a month later. I purchased her Sailor Senshi Mars collection as well as a Mix n Match any 6 Senshi colors. I really do want to try her other collections eventually but for now am sticking with the Senshi collections. These are all swatched over Hi-Fi High Impact Shadow Fix so that I could capture the awesomeness of these shadows. Enjoy!

Mars Crystal Power - gorgeous peachy pink with strong gold duochrome and loaded with pink and gold glitter

Princess Mars - salmon pink with pink glitters. This has a strong orange base

Sailor Mars - dark red with red glitters

Mars Flame Sniper - brown based orangey red with red and gold holographic glitter

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody - medium cornflower blue with green iridescent glitter. In the jar it looks similar to Fyrinnae's Curiouser and Curiouser except less glittery.

Eternal Sailor Moon - light gold duochrome with iridescent pink and green glitter

Sailor Mercury - dusty cornflower blue with aqua and green iridescent shimmer. There isn't really a big difference between this and Mercury Aqua Rhapsody in my opinion. The biggest differences is this shade is darker and isn't as glittery as Mercury Aqua Rhapsody

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss - medium bubble gum pink with iridescent green glitter

Chibi USA - light shimmery bubble gum pink with silver and pink iridescent glitter. The picture shows it to be slightly darker than Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss but it's actually lighter. I think the shimmery-ness of the shadow throws the color off slightly in the picture.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack - bright magenta with gold and purple glitter

Rei - deep dark purple with gold, dark blue and red shimmer. Almost missed this one on accident which is why it got swatched all by its lonesome....xD


The Peach said...

Such pretty colors! Thanks for the swatches!

Amanda S. said...

@Jill you're welcome! These colors are all super gorgeous!

SilhouetteScreams said...

*hyperventilates over Sailor Mars, Mars Crystal Power, Pink Sugar Heart Attack and Rei*

Anonymous said...

These swatches rock! Thank you :D

Amanda S. said...

@Jerry, all those colors are absolutely amazing!

@Victoria you're welcome! I think the first 4 swatches came out a bit too bright compared to real life but I didn't want to edit the pics unnecessarily.

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