Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Hand Washes The Other

My OHWTO goodies!
I've heard so many great things about this company from some of my other beauty blogger friends so I had to try them out! Becca is the owner of One Hand Washes The Other (OHWTO) and she's very active on her FB page as well as many other MMU pages so even though I've never really interacted with her I sort of feel like I know her. =) She's in the process of moving right now so not all of her items are available in her artfire shop. I was lucky enough to get in on her last restock before she shuts down her shop completely for her big move.

My haul =)
I ended up ordering 3 solid scents in Carnivale, Viva La Juicy and Amazing, 1 5mL perfume oil in Besos del Sol, 2 lip butters in Mango Creme and Lychee Green Tea and of course her famous Black Magic creme soap. I placed my order on June 1 and received it on June 6 so TAT was less than a week. However, I know this isn't normal for her since she usually makes her products as orders come in so TAT is normally around 10-14 business days. She is stocking her products for now till she closes shop for her move.

My invoice and sample were in this pretty little envelope
I really loved the way she packages everything! Becca obviously puts a lot of time and care into her orders. One thing I was rather disappointed about was my Black Magic creme soap was missing from my order.  =( That was one of the main reason why I order and it wasn't there...so sad. I contacted Becca about it and she is going to include the soap in the small order I placed yesterday. =)

Now on to the products I received.  All the solid scents and the lip butters were shrink wrapped which I always like to see. These didn't really have easy perforations to pull them off though and I ended up with a deep cut on my thumb trying to cut one of them off (totally my fault though in being clumsy...lol). I also received a sample of Peppermint lip butter in a little clam shell.

My cute little sample
I'm going to start with the lip balm scents. To me these lip balms do taste the same as they smell which is ok I suppose although I am not a fan of eating them by any means...lol. They have a really lovely silky smooth feeling when applied and the glide on very easily. They seem to melt just enough when they touch your lips which is awesome because there's nothing worse than a lip balm that doesn't glide on your lips when applied. These lip butters have a shine finish when applied so my hubby is not interested in using them at all...lol (I'm trying to find a lip balm he'll actually wear).

Mango Creme - This lip butter at first smelled more like creme than anything else. It's a fairly sweet scent and I really only smelled the mango when it was applied on my lips. If you're not a fan of marshmallow/creme scents I don't recommend.

Lychee Green Tea - This lip butter also smelled more like Green Tea than Lychee. I think I sort of expected the lip butters to smell more like the first thing listed (Lychee and Mango) rather than the last thing listed (Green Tea and Creme). 

Peppermint - I think I actually like this simple scented one the best. The peppermint is clean and sweet without being overpowering.

Now for the scents. This is my first foray into solid scents. I really liked how they seemed to melt onto my skin when applied. It was a tad greasy at first but this soaked in fairly quickly.

Carnivale - In the tube, I smell mostly the lemon snow cones and vanilla ice cream. I do catch a hint of the orange soda but I can't really catch the cotton candy. Wet on my skin, the lemon snow cones and the orange soda are the most prominent scent notes. After it dries down, the lemon and orange fade into the background and the cotton candy and vanilla ice cream take center stage. By the end of the day all that's left is a light lingering scent of sweet vanilla ice cream. =) This scent lasted on me a good 6 hours without reapplying.

Viva La Juicy -In the tube, the strongest notes I smell are the Jasmine and Gardenia. I can also pick up the vanilla, amber and sandalwood. Wet on my skin, the prominent scent notes are mandarins and vanilla with hints of the florals and sandalwood. Dried down, it smells exactly the same as it smells in the tube. By the end of the day, the final lingering scent is vanilla with a hint of florals.

Amazing - In the tube, it smells mostly of rose with lemon mixed in. Wet on my skin, the cinnamon smell becomes more prominent which warms the smell of  the rose and lemon quite a bit. Dried down, it goes back to smelling pretty much exactly the same as it does in the tube.

Besos Del Sol - In the bottle, the most prominent notes are Jasmine and Gardenia with a hint of coconut. Wet on my skin, the Jasmine and Gardenia are still very prominent but the white grapefruit and coconut as well as a hint of amber begin to surface more. Dried down, the creaminess of the coconut and vanilla become more obvious above the white floral of Gardenia.

This is the first time I've really gotten into Indie company made perfumes and I can see a new addiction growing...=P I already placed and received another order from OHWTO which included 3 more scents as well as the famous Black Magic soaps in cream and bar form...I can tell you now...I am in LOVE with Black Magic! I'll review the soaps and the other perfumes I received once I get the chance to wear the new perfumes for a couple days. =)

5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**All products were purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own. Remember, everyone has a different sense of smell and what I smelled and how I described the scents may not be the same as how you would smell or describe them.


Kattatonic Fierceology said...

These look like they smell delicious

Ki said...

I love OHWTO too! I have many of her solid scents and I love them all :D

The Peach said...

So much fun stuff from OHWTO! Great haul!

Larie said...

I've heard such great stuff about OHWTO, I think I need to check it out soon! When she's done moving, of course, haha. Carnivale sounds yummy.

Amanda S. said...

@Katt, they do smell delicious!

@Ki I'm loving them as well! So far I haven't not liked any of them

@Jill like I said, I see a new addiction brewing ;)

@ Larie Yes! OHWTO is a definite must!

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