Sunday, October 23, 2011

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy First Purchase!

After my initial review, I went right back to I+T and ordered 4 more full size shadows. I ordered a full size of I <3 When Angels Cry because I loved that one so much as well as 3 other colors that I had not tried before. Now that I've actually ordered I can report on her TAT. I placed my order on Oct. 16 and received a shipping confirmation email the very next day! I received my package on Oct. 19 so she's got the fastest TAT of any MMUC I've ordered from. It does also help that the owner lives only 2.5 hours north of me. ;)

My order was packaged the same as it was before and in addition to the 4 full sizes I ordered I received 2 sample baggies. I really really love Linda's shadows. They're all very unique and nicely pigmented. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Venomous Kiss - Indigo blue with purple and gold sparks. I don't have any color similar to this one which is very nice.
Innocent + Twisted - Black based plum with a hint of red shift and purple and red sparks. I think this is my favorite of this lot. =)
Silent Lucidity - Periwinkle blue with red and blue sparks.

Heavenly Agony (sample) - Creamsicle orange with pink and blue sparks. It looks more yellow in the picture than it is in real life.
Cardio - Blemish (sample) - Deep pearl red with blue and black sparks


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