Tuesday, October 25, 2011

StellaStarish Cosmetics Swatch Spam

The ever lovely Stella had another awesome sale last week where she offered 12 pigments for $35.00. I couldn't resist because there were quite a new few shades I really wanted. I also purchased a pair of adorable lashes with tiny pink Hello Kitty bows on them!

How cute are these?!?
I <3 the bows!
Ok on to the main event...the swatches! I know that in these pics the browns look almost exactly the same but in reality they are not that close. Hopefully the descriptions help you imagine what these colors look like better than just the pics by themselves.

Dew - Bright white with a blue shift.
Ursa Major - Dark warm brown with blue sparks. Really unusual to see blue sparks in a brown shadow.
Omega - Matte brick red with a blue sheen.
Martian - Bright grass green with gold sparks. I'm not really sure why it's showing up silvery in the picture but it's really gold spark

Pisces - Creamsicle orange with silver sparks. Looks more yellow than it is in real life.
Aries - Milk chocolate bronzey brown with a gold sheen
Epsilon - Almost - matte bright pastel purple with a pink sheen. This totally reminds me of a My Little Pony color.
Zeta - Bright shimmery fuchsia. This is one of my favorites!

Milky Way - Dark warm brown with silver sparks
Brianna's Blizzard - Bright pastel blue with white and silver sparks. This almost seems like a sister shade of Epsilon.
Cassiopeia - Bright reddish pink with tons of gold sparks. I really like the balance of the gold and pink in this shade.
Virgo - Gorgeous shimmery ivory with silver and gold sparks. This is the perfect highlight color!


тainтed мeмories. said...

omg does the bow come off easily? looks so cute ><
love the third swatch! love the shimmer & colours! x

Amanda S. said...

@Tainted, the bow is glued on there pretty well! I really love all of the shadows from this company as they're all very pigmented and well blended!

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