Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Swatch Spam

I purchased all of these back in August when Dawn was having a huge sale after hitting 500 fans on Facebook! I ended up purchasing 12 full size jars and 7 samples in all. I did not swatch all of the full size jars as some of them I had swatched from the samples I previously received. Dawn's shadows are seriously some of the most sparkley shadows I own and the pictures do not do them any justice. You really have to see them for yourself to appreciate them! Enjoy the swatches!

Metallic Teal - Dark metallic teal with a green shift a blue sparks
Hot Pink Rainbow - Pearly medium pink with purple, pink and holographic sparks
Kings Robe - Royal purple with blue, purple and iridescent green sparks
Holographic White - Silvery white loaded with holographic sparks

Help Me - Bright coral with red and gold sparks
Amazing Base - Sheer white with holographic sparks
Glittering Aquamarine - Dark teal with a gold shift and blue, aqua and green iridescent sparks

Lady Sings the Blues Holographic - Dark denim blue with navy and holographic glitter
Faerie Dance - Medium golden brown with holographic sparks
Sparkling Jade - Gorgeous bright jade green with green sparks

Glittering Hibiscus - Bright pink with pink sparks
Purple Velvet - Black base filled with blue and purple sparks
Lemon Ice - Lemony yellow filled with silver sparks

Deep Blue Seas - Deep navy with holographic sparks
Orange Sherbet - Creamy bright orange with gold sparks
Very Hot Pink - Bright metallic pink
Super Sparkle Black Rainbow - Matte black base filled with every color spark imaginable! The pic does not show of how gorgeous this shadow is in real life. Very glittery!


Kattatonic Fierceology said...

I ordered from her a while back and i love my shadows! I feel like she has such a unique formula...And every thing is packed with glitter, just the way i like it.

The Peach said...

Oh wow! Those are some seriously pretty colors! I haven't checked out Dawn Eyes yet. Not even sure if I've browsed their shop.... Better go do that! Thanks for the swatches!

Sandra said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous! I never knew about the brand until I read this post - thank you for introducing it to me :D

Amanda S. said...

@Katt DEC definitely has really glittery shadows!

@Jill DEC has really gorgeous colors. Honestly I'm not too thrilled with the way the shop is set up and her swatches don't do the colors justice but I'd totally recommend buying from her.

@Sandra, You definitely have to check them out!

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