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BFTE Cosmetics

BFTE haul
I found BFTE Cosmetics through Facebook sometime last year but never got around to trying them until recently. They were having a spring break sale on their 16 piece sample set last week so I snagged that along with the COTW Sweet N' Spicy and the Peacock Gel Liner I had had my eye on for awhile.

Neon Pink shipping label!

My order was packed in a standard yellow bubble mailer with a hot pink shipping label. An invoice was included with my order and the eye shadows and gel liner were also wrapped in hot pink tissue paper. Inside the pink tissue, the eye shadows were packed in another plastic bag which made for a really pretty rainbow of colors. =)
All 17 eye shadows
One thing I noticed right away that concerned me was that some of the screw top lids were not on very tightly which if they had come off completely would have resulted in complete product loss. The full size shadow  I received had some leakage around the edges. Another thing I was not really fond of was that none of the sample jars had ingredient labels on them. They only had the name of the shadow and the company website one them. Thankfully the full size jar did have an ingredients list on it.

Ingredients label on full size jar
The full size jars from BFTE are 5g jars filled with 1-3 grams of pigment. Personally, 1-3 grams seems like a large weight variation. Every week a new COTW is chosen and full size jars are sold for the price of a sample jar which is $2. I did receive one free sample in a small 2x2 baggie that was stapled to the business card. The sample amount is smaller than most freebie samples I've received from other companies as it was barely enough to swatch. Below are the swatches for all the colors I received. All are swatched over MAC Painterly Paint Pot under a day bulb with no flash.

L-R: Walking On Water, Prissy, Celtic Charms, Emerald City
Walking On Water: Gorgeous light teal with rainbow twinkle. I will definitely be purchasing this in a full size later.

Prissy: Almost matte pink with a hint of shimmer.

Celtic Charms: Dark brown with copper twinkle. I really liked this one as well and would consider getting a full size.

Emerald City: Beautiful light green with gold shimmer. I LOVE this shade! A full size must buy.

L-R: Crystal, Passion, Sour, Iced Violets

Crystal: Opaque shimmery white with rainbow twinkle. Such a beautiful white but I don't know if I need another

Passion: Medium pink with a violet sheen

Sour: Vivid shimmery green

Iced Violets: Medium violet with purple and aqua twinkle. Another full size must buy.

L-R: Hype, Cornflower, Aloha, Illusion
Hype: Almost matte buttery yellow with satin finish

Cornflower: Almost matte medium blue with satin finish

Aloha: Light pink with gold and rainbow twinkle. I super love this one and definitely getting full size.

Illusion: Black based deep teal with satin finish. Almost reminds me of Hi-Fi Cosmetics Suicide Trees without the sparkle but Suicide Trees is much more black.

L-R: Beautiful, Ying Yang, Karma, Tickle Me
Beautiful:Very light yellow with a coppery pink sheen. Unfortunately it almost matches my skin color.

Ying Yang: Yellow based lime green

Karma: Bright fuchsia with a satin finish.

Tickle Me: Bright turquoise with a satin finish

L-R: Sweet N' Spicy, Luck Me
Sweet N' Spicy: Light peachy pink with low shimmer

Luck Me: Light lime green (free sample)

In addition to the purchased eye shadows I also bought the Indelible Gel Liner in Peacock. I knew that this was a private label product when I purchased it since I have seen other companies carry the exact same thing. This product is not paraben free which you can see by the ingredients label below.

Gel Liner Ingredients Label
I would also consider this a cream liner and not a gel liner. The consistency of this liner is too thick in my opinion to be considered a gel. I have this same liner in 3 other colors so I already knew what it would be like. I just really love colored liners. =)

Peacock Gel Liner
Overall, I do like this company. They are more expensive than some of the other companies I like to buy from. They sell their full size 5g jars for $6.50. At first glance it didn't seem like their colors were very unique but some of them did surprise me. Their shadows are definitely very blendable and the have a very large selection of shades. I also like that their shades (at least the ones I tried, I know they also have the more glittery shades but mine were not like that at all) aren't as glittery and are more "grown up". Don't get me wrong, I love my super glittery shades but I also like those satin finish shades for more subtle looks. I would definitely purchase from them again. If you're looking for a really large color selection and a really large range of finishes I'd highly recommend!

4 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**All products were purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own.


Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I love BFTE and order from them regularly. They have so many colors as well as a fun and interactive Facebook community, and their TUT and CS can't be beat. <3

Thanks for the review and pics! :)

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