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Brazen Cosmetics Review

Brazen Cosmetics Haul!

For my very first review, I've decided to review a company I found through another MMU addict. The name of the company is Brazen Cosmetics and it is owned and operated by Sandi. Sandi is such a sweetheart and her customer service is excellent!

Look Better Naked Pack
Clockwise from top: Perfect 10 blush, Poetic highlighter, Hi-Def finishing powder

I placed my first order with her on March 7 and I received it March 14. She states a TAT of 5-7 days on her Etsy shop so I was actually expecting it to take longer than it did which is always a pleasant surprise! I ordered Make Out, La Femme and Lots O' Luck Lipgloss pots ($4.99 for 5g pots), the Look Better Naked Pack (10g jars of her Perfect 10 blush, Hi-Def finishing powder and Poetic highlighter) and also her special Monday Goody Bag (mystery bag of at least $15 in product, regularly $9.99 but the special was $4.99)

Clockwise from top: La Femme, Lots O' Luck, Make Out
Lip Gloss Pots
The packaging of her products is definitely top-notch. I am really big on presentation and appearance and her products did not disappoint. My order was packed in a small flat rate USPS priority box that was sealed with this really cute pink tape. Everything was carefully packed with blue tissue paper to prevent things from moving around inside the box. Underneath all the blue tissue paper were two smaller packages one wrapped with green tissue and the other wrapped with pink tissue and sealed with a cute silver sticker with the Brazen Cosmetics logo. (I probably should have taken pictures of the outer packaging and everything but I was way too excited to wait to do this. I'll definitely do it next time though!)

Shrink-wrapped 5g jars
One smaller tissue wrapped package contained the Look Better Naked Pack along with a sample of Goodbye To You under eye concealer and a sample of X-Factor highlighter. The other tissue wrapped package contained the 3 lipgloss pots I ordered as well as my mystery grab bag! I received 2 full size 5g pots of Karma and Dazed eye shadow, Sugar and Glitter Rollerball Perfume and Jinx eye shadow sample. I really love that each individual item is shrink-wrapped which just provides extra security to prevent spillage in shipping.

Ingredients label on 5g jars

All of her products have ingredients labels on them letting you know exactly what is in each of her products in accordance with FDA regulations. This is awesome for people with allergies or sensitive skin and also makes her products look very professional. She even adds her ingredients labels to her samples which is awesome! The only slight problem I had with them is that the printing on the labels smear very easily when touched with wet fingers.
Ingredients listed on samples!
Smearing on the ingredients label... =(
Now on to the eye shadows themselves. I found them to be very smooth, blendable, and very highly pigmented. One thing I didn't like is the jars didn't have sifters. I know some people hate sifters but I love them as sometimes I can be a bit clumsy and drop the pot. Sifters help me to minimize loss.

**Edit 3/23/11 9:30am Sandi told me these eye shadow pots are actually sample size pots so the full sizes are larger and have sifters! After taking a closer look at the jars I believe they are 3g jars and not 5g jars.

Sample sizes L-R: Dazed and Karma
L-R: Karma, Dazed, Jinx

So here are my descriptions of each of the shadows I received. The swatches were done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Pictures were taken in my bathroom under a mix of natural light and a day bulb with no flash.

Karma: bright purple with hints of rainbow shimmer.

Dazed: gorgeous dark navy with iridescent coppery shimmer.

Jinx: soft lilac with silver shimmer.
L-R Karma, Dazed, Jinx
I am a huge sucker for lip glosses. Lately they have become my most recent makeup obsession which is probably why I ordered more full size lip gloss pots than I did eye shadows. Sandi's lip glosses are absolutely AMAZING! They're just the right texture and consistency that I like in my lip glosses, not too sticky, not too thick and they don't taste nasty. Make Out has a nice fresh minty flavor. Lots O' Luck limey flavor that reminds me of McDonald's awesome shamrock shakes! La Femme is flavorless as far as I can tell. (PS: Sandi if you're reading this, I super love the flavored lip glosses!) These are the only lip glosses I have purchased that have come in 5g pots like this and I can't decide if I like the normal tubes or these pots better....hmm...enjoy the next couple swatches while I ponder this thought... =P

Clockwise from left: Make Out, La Femme, Lots O' Luck
Make Out - the PERFECT red with rainbow shimmer!
Lots O' Luck - LOVE the iridescent green and gold sparkles!
La Femme - Beautiful peachy pink color with gold shimmer
I was not a fan of the Sugar and Glitter perfume oil that I received in the mystery grab bag. To me it smells almost sickly sweet and it's definitely not something I would ever wear. The label states the company is called Sweet and Sudsy which is from Sandi's old company and she is in the process of changing it over to a new Brazen label.
Sugar and Glitter Perfume Oil Roller Ball
I also received a sample of her Mango Mango sugar lips lip scrub and I LOVE this! It's not too oily or too wet which makes it easier to actually scrub your lips with it. I'm definitely going to order the full size of her sugar scrub and I want to try her other flavors!

Mango Mango Sugar Lips Lip Scrub
I have yet to try the blush, finishing powder and highlighter but I will post again about those separately once I have. Overall, I super LOVE Brazen Cosmetics and Sandi! Her customer service is impeccable and the TAT is also very good. I HIGHLY recommend ordering from them you will not be disappointed! I can't wait till Sandi gets back from her vacation because I've already planned out my next order! =)

5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles!

** All products were purchased with my own money. I was not paid in any way, shape or form for this review and all opinions are my own.


Michelle said...

If you ask Sandi, she'll probably send you sifters for the eyeshadows that don't have them. She did for me. Anyway, your blog looks great!

Michelle said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that the Cocoa Loco lip scrub is amazing too!

Mama Karen said...

I really want to try the lip glosses! Great review. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

Make Out looks awesome on your skin! I haven't tried the mango scrub yet, but the gummy one and the cocoa one are fabulous.

Ki said...

I love la femme too! and dazed looks gorgeous! :)

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