Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics

Shiro haul!
 Shiro Cosmetics is one of those companies I had again heard about sometime last year but didn't actually get around to ordering from them till now (can you see the pattern here? lol). What I like about this company is their dedication to geekery! Both of their main eye shadow collections are named after hugely popular video games Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda.

My package arrived in a small brown box filled with tissue paper and my invoice sitting on top of everything.
My 15 eyeshadows were neatly packaged in a pretty plastic bag with a swirly design on it. I also received a smaller packet in a ziploc bag that contained 4 eye shadow samples, 2 chocolates and a business card.

Samples and chocolate!
I love the cute little labels that Caitlin designed for the Super Effective and Legends collections. The Super Effective labels make the jars look like cute little poke balls while the Legends labels have the triforce symbol. I think this just shows a lot of attention to small details and for me the little details are what make me a return customer. Also, if you have read my previous reviews you'll know that I like when both samples and full sizes have ingredients listed on them and Caitlin has done that with all her products.

Super Effective Collection label
Now, on to the swatches. I'll start with the Super Effective Collection since I purchased 12 eye shadows from this collection. I ordered S.S. Anne, Pikachu, Acid, Wobbuffet, Squirtle, Lance the Dragon Trainer, Mew, Poliwrath, Spiritomb, Manectric, and Clefairy. By accident I ordered two Spiritomb but I guess I can always keep it for a future giveaway.. ;). I also received samples of Zubat, Porygon and Gyrados.

Legends Collection label
I only ended up choosing 3 eye shadows from the Legends collection and now I wish I had purchased more.  I ended up liking the shadows from the Legends collection better than the Super Effective collection. I bought Farore's Wind, Zelda and Zora and received a free sample baggie of Naryu's Love. All swatches are done over MAC Painterly Paint Pot and photographed under a day bulb with no flash.

L-R: Manectric, Poliwrath, Wobbuffet
  Manectric: Sheer baby blue with gold sparkle

Poliwrath: Steel grey/blue with a coppery duochrome

Wobbuffet: Cornflower blue with aqua sparkle

L-R: Squirtle, Gyrados, Spiritomb
Squirtle: Bright aqua with aqua sparkle

Gyrados (free sample): Vivid electric blue with rainbow sparkle

Spiritomb: Purple with reddish undertones and gold/aqua duochrome

L-R: Zubat, Lance the Dragon Trainer, S.S. Anne
Zubat (free sample): Steel blue/purple with rainbow sparkle

Lance the Dragon Trainer: Periwinkle blue/purple with gold sparkle

S.S. Anne: Gorgeous champagne with gold sparkle

L-R: S.S. Anne, Acid, Pikachu
Acid: Bright green with green sparkle

Pikachu: Primary yellow with red sparkle

L-R: Clefairy, Mew, Porygon

Clefairy: Light glittery pink with silver sparkle

Mew: Peachy pink with gold sparkle

Porygon (free sample): Bright pink with a shimmer finish

L-R: Naryu's Love, Farore's Wind, Zelda, Zora
Naryu's Love (free sample): Bright baby blue shimmer

Farore's Wind: Pastel green with gold shimmer

Zelda: Perfect peach color with gold shimmer

Zora: Deep turquoise with aqua/green shimmer

Overall the eye shadows were really good and very blendable. A few of them like Clefairy and Manectric were more sheer than I thought they would be but they are still beautiful. Also I really liked Pikachu but the glitter in them seems a bit too large and and tends to clump around the edges of my swatches. My personal faves are Farore's Wind, Zora, Clefairy, Spiritomb, Squirtle and Lance the Dragon Trainer.

The only complaint I really have was the turnaround time. Caitlin states a TAT of 2 weeks on her Etsy shop but it took over 3 weeks to receive my order. Communication is a bit lacking and my order status was never updated to "shipped" nor was I ever emailed a tracking number so I had no idea when she actually shipped my order.

I do like the eye shadows I received and I will probably order from Shiro Cosmetics again in the future. Just know that their TAT is a bit longer than most other companies I shop with and that you will have to be patient when it comes to receiving your order.

4.5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**All products were purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. I make it my policy not to reveal to the company I am ordering from that I will be reviewing their product until after I have received my order. All opinions are my own.


Caitlin said...

Thanks so very much for the review! I'm sorry about the long turnaround and communication issues, it's normally much better, I promise. Everything on my end decided to go wrong at once, haha. I'm glad you like the colors, though! <3

Amanda said...

I really like the looks of Mew and Clefairy!

Amanda T. said...

@Caitlin, some of your colors are really gorgeous! I am looking forward to trying out your blushes next!

@Amanda I really love Clefairy! Such a pretty color.

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