Thursday, March 31, 2011

ScaredyCat Sample Vial Swatches

Now that I've been able to transfer the pigments from my sample vials to 5g jars I can finally do the swatches from my 10 ScaredyCat samples. So without further ado here they are! All are swatched over MAC Painterly Paint Pot and photographed under a mix of natural light and a day bulb. My camera washed out the colors a bit so these are slightly more vibrant in real life than it shows in the pics.

L-R: Caged Canary, Eire, Sakura
Caged Canary: Bright vibrant yellow with yellow sparkle

Eire: Bright vibrant green with gold shimmer

Sakura: Light burgundy red shimmer

L-R: Smooze, Love Stinks, Don't Be Koi

Smooze: Lilac with pink and aqua sparkle

Love Stinks: Bubble gum pink shimmer

Don't be Koi: Shimmering gold with gold sparkle

L-R: Teal Dear, Pink Elephants, Muertos

Teal Dear: Light baby blue duochrome with a gold shift and blue sparkle

L-R: Pink Elephants, Muertos, Dysphoria

Pink Elephant: Pinky purple with tons of pink glitter

Muertos: Rich smokey gray/black with rainbow sparkle

Dysphoria: Bright vibrant blue with aqua sparkle
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