Thursday, March 24, 2011

ScaredyCat Cosmetics Review

ScaredyCat Cosmetics Haul!
I found this company through a FB fan page "The Eyes Have It". I saw people on there discussing ScaredyCat Cosmetics and decided to check them out. I checked out their Etsy shop and HAD to order based purely on the look of their product. I have never seen another makeup company with such unique packaging. The full sizes come in triangle shaped 3g jars and the samples come in cute little vials. I ended up ordering their 10 sample vials for $10 as well as their 6 full size jars for $25.

The packaging was very well done
Right off the bat I have to say I am SUPER impressed by the TAT. I placed my order on March 18, it was marked shipped on March 21 and I received it on March 23! The packaging of the order was also quite impressive. My order was shipped to me in a plain oblong white box which was stuffed basically to the brim with tissue paper and paper shreds. My 6 full size jars were nestled in the paper shreds and the samples were each in an individual ziploc bag and all 10 placed in a larger ziploc.

Top-Bottom L-R: Draconia, Rose Gold, Nevermore, Chakra, Unicorn Breath, Keltoi
For the 6 full sizes I ordered; Draconia, Chakra, Unicorn Breath, Nevermore, Keltoi, Rose Gold. Some of these I chose purely for the sticker designs on the jars... =P Each color has it's own unique label design which I believe was designed by the owner Kelly! I really love how much thought is put into each label design. All of the jars had their individual ingredients labels on the bottom.

Top-Bottom L-R: Keltoi, Chakra, Unicorn Breath, Rose Gold, Draconia, Nevermore
All of the swatches were done over MAC Painterly Paint Pot and photos were taken under a day bulb with no flash.

L-R: Draconia, Chakra, Keltoi
Draconia: This is a beautiful aqua green with aqua sparkle. I had expected this one to be more towards the blue side than the green side though.

Chakra: Very vivid bright purple with aqua sparkle. It looks really blue in the picture for some reason but it's actually a true purple. I couldn't capture it correctly.

Keltoi: Awesome olive green-gold. I LOVE this color it's one of my faves.
L-R: Rose Gold, Nevermore, Unicorn Breath
Rose Gold: Lovely rose color with a golden sheen. This is also another one of my faves. An absolutely gorgeous color.

Nevermore: Deep navy with blue twinkles. This reminds me a star-filled night.

Unicorn Breath: Opaque pearly white. It's the perfect shimmery white.

L-R: Draconia, Chakra, Keltoi, Rose Gold, Nevermore, Unicorn Breath 
A one major thing that I noticed right away about the full size pigments was the size. These things are pretty small. I know that the listing states a 3g jar but I guess I had expected the jar to be somewhat larger than it was.  One thing I had read from a few other reviewers is that they didn't like the salt shaker sifters on these jars. I personally am ok with them as long as I don't sift too much of it out but I understand why others may not like it compared to regular sifters. These sifters can be removed in any event.

For comparison, the pink jar is a 10g jar.
Salt shaker sifters
For the 10 sample sizes I ordered; Pink Elephant, Eire, Teal Dear, Caged Canary, Sakura, Don't Be Koi, Dysphoria, Smooze, Muertos, Love Stinks. Each vial came in its own plastic baggie and each baggie was labeled with the color name and list of ingredients (gold star for ingredients on samples!). I'd definitely recommend dumping the samples either into the baggies they came in or small pots because the vials are too tiny to fit a brush. I will post swatches of all these samples at a later time in a separate post as I am waiting for my pots to be shipped to me to make it easier for swatching.

All my little sample vials!
Vial in the baggie with the name and ingredients label
Customer service in my case was non-existent but that was mainly because I did not feel the need to contact Kelly on any particular issue. All general questions can probably be answered by checking out her Etsy shop and policies. I would have liked to receive a shipping notice email but the Etsy status was updated promptly when my order was shipped so it wasn't that big a deal.

Overall I do like the pigments as all of them are really smooth and highly pigmented. I do think they're a tad more expensive than most other MMUCs as their full size 3g jars are $5 where most MMUCs sell their full size 5g jars for $5. I guess partly what you're paying for is the super cute packaging! I do recommend this company and would buy from them again!

**Edit 3/25/2011 11:30am I received this information from Kelly regarding the amount of product in the jars. "A note about the sifter volume: When deciding on my price point I based it on the weight rather than the volume. I use a shaker table to settle and pack the powder into the cylinders. This causes the product to be very densely packed. The r...esulting weight is usually 1.8-1.9 grams (some slightly lighter and some heavier depending on the ingredients). When researching prices, other companies' flat 5g sifters contained between 1-2.2 grams by weight.

Thank you for pointing out this concern. I should probably emphasize the weight and density in my listings... maybe put together some other photos so people have a better idea of what they are getting. :)"

4.5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

** All products were purchased with my own money. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own.


Snarky P said...

I'm a little disappointed about the amount of product for the size of the jar...

But... They're unique, definitely stand out- and have awesome designs! The price is a little on the higher side- but for the designs alone I'd pay for 'em!!

And the little sample vials are WAY too cute!!

Awesome review, and I love your pictures!

Snarky P said...

Actually, compared to the full sized jars- how much product is in the samples?

Amanda T. said...

@Amanda, I don't know for sure yet. I'll know when I dump them into the smaller jars I ordered. According to her Etsy site though the samples are 1/4 teaspoon

Mama Karen said...

The packaging looks soooooo cute!

rivercitylizzy said...

That is some seriously gorgeous stuff, Amanda!! Soooo jealous of your haul, it looks (and sounds) amazing! I agree with you, Keltoi looks incredible and I'd love to try them out...after Easter ;) Now post some pretty looks!!

Snarky P said...

Yep... I still love it!!

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