Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not Makeup Related

The cute shoe box my shoes arrived in!
 Ok so this post has nothing to do with makeup but I just had to share! I'm getting married on May 14, 2011 and I found a woman named Deborah Thomson who owns a company called Figgie Shoes in Canada. She custom designs and hand paints shoes for weddings and special events. I saw her work on a wedding blog and I HAD to have a pair for my own wedding.

My amazing shoes!
 I started the process of having my shoes custom designed by her in mid January and I finally received the finished product in the mail yesterday! I was absolutely blown away by the stunning work she did for me. Every single piece of artwork on these shoes is meaningful to my future husband and I right down to the embellishments and scroll work. P.S. these are shoes I bought and sent to her to be painted. You do have the option of purchasing the shoes from her or shipping her shoes you purchase yourself. Anyways, enjoy my pictures!

Our names... <3 All the flowers that are drawn on these shoes will be incorporated in the wedding decor.
Our wedding rings
Lily of the Valley - his birth month flower
CSU Chico seal/mascot representing the place we first met. The phrase "Dance With Me Forever" is engraved in our wedding bands.

The Forever Friends bear he gave me on our first Valentine's Day together.
This caricature is taken directly from a photo that a friend took of us on the night we were engaged.
On our first date we went to Red Lobster and Starbucks. The date of our first date is written on the coffee mug.
Gir, from our favorite cartoon Invader Zim. He was also featured in our engagement shoot.
I had to sneak Hello Kitty in there somewhere =P Plus she is prominently displayed on my garter.
Gladiolus - my birth month flower
Tango shoes I wore the night we were engaged.
Our wedding date. The scroll flowers around the date are present on our invitations.
Caricature of us and our dog Gromit taken directly from one of our engagement photos.


Amanda said...

OMGOSH!!! These are the most ADORABLE shoes I've ever seen!!! So perfect! Love, love, love them! So special for your wedding day! :)

Michelle said...

Those are absolutely amazing! How special! I really like Gir and Hello Kitty, so fun!

Melly said...

absolutely stunning shoes! you've been tagged http://missmellieh.blogspot.com/2011/04/versatile-blogger-award.html :)

Jessie Jane Townsend said...

VERY cool. you will cherish those forever!

The Peach said...

Those shoes are awesome! Such specials shoes that you will be able to keep and have as a memory of your big day!

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