Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aromaleigh Cosmetics Part 1: Wonderstruck Collection

Epic Aromaleigh Haul!
 I had found AL back in Sept or Oct of 2010 but didn't really bother ordering from them until now which is really sad since AL is now closed forever. =( So to make up for all the times I should have ordered from AL but didn't I ended up ordering 33 individual shades from her Spells, Mythos, Wonderstruck, Astronomical and <3 collections as well as 7 of her mega grab bags each containing 20 baggies with approximately 2-3 grams of eye shadow in each of them.

My 4 Aromaleigh bundles bursting with sparklies

Look at all the goodies!
I'm really not going to bother reviewing this company since it is now closed so I'm just going to jump straight into swatching! I'm going to start off with the individual shadows that I ordered from the Wonderstruck collection.

We're All Mad Here - light pastel green with a slight gold shift

Curious Dream - medium blue green with iridescent sparkle

The Wrong Alice - medium blue with teal and iridescent sparkle

Looking Glass - light silvery gray with copper and rainbow sparkle

L-R: We're All Made Here, Curious Dream, The Wrong Alice, Looking Glass

Opiate Advice - gorgeous lilac with aqua and iridescent sparkle

Frumious - dark plum purple with iridescent sparkle

Temper Temper - dark maroon with iridescent sparkle

L-R: Opiate Advice, Frumious, Temper Temper
I think the one thing that really struck me about these shadows was how smooth and sparkley they were! These are so much more beautiful in real life than they are in pictures. It kind of made me sad to swatch them knowing that the company that made these amazingly gorgeous eye shadows is now gone. AL shadows are definitely going to hold a special place in my collection. =)

PS. Sorry it took forever to post this! It took me a long time to sort through everything... =P


VijiiS said...

I only discovered mineral makeup around the time when people started finding out that Aromaleigh would close down, so I don't own any of their shadows! =[

Fierce Nerditude

Amanda T. said...

@VijiiS, don't worry! I plan on having an AL giveaway because I ended up with quite a few dupes so stay tuned!

gunnmetal27 said...

I am upset this company closed before I got to order.. I heard such wonderful things about it.. :(

rivercitylizzy said...

ohhhh, my gosh such gorgeous shades!! it really is too bad they are gone >.< Thanks for sharing this, Amanda, such an epic haul!! ;)

Snarky P said...

I'm definitely sad that the company had to close- but glad I was able to snag one grab bag of goodies!

And can I say... I'm totally envious of your collection right now! In a very good way of course!! I can't believe how gorgeous the colors I got were!

VijiiS said...

Oh, BTW: I just nominated you for a blog award.

Here's the link!

fireflyrn said...

Does anyone know how to find out where Aromaleigh got there makeup brushes? They were the best Ive ever used, and great prices. Thanks

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