Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brazen Cosmetics Haul

Ok, so I've had this haul for several weeks now and probably should have posted this a LONG time ago but yea, I've been busy and all these goodies take up a lot of time to play with! Brazen Cosmetics is quickly becoming one of my favorite indie MMUCs to purchase from. Sandi is such a doll and her products are amazing! Opening her packages is like opening Christmas presents! You can really tell that she puts a lot of time and effort in making everything really pretty and I greatly appreciate it! Look at the next set of pictures and DROOL!

All my goodies wrapped up!
LE Spring Lovelies Collection
LE Gummie Glazes!
LE Cirque Collection
Lip scrubs, lip glosses and a few other things all wrapped up!
Lip scrubs, glosses, eye shadow and a free sample of her Hi-Def powder
Ok, so now that I have all of you green with envy, on to the I'll start with the Spring Lovelies collection. This is a gorgeous trio of pastel shades that is perfect for Spring! She had a contest to name the three shades and I love the ones she chose as they are all very fitting.

L-R: New Growth, Clarity, Visionary
New Growth - Beautiful pastel green with a hint of a gold shift. 

Clarity - A gorgeous pool blue shimmery shadow with a hint of blue sparkle.

Visionary - Pale shimmery lilac.

Next up are the Gummie Glazes! Sandi was super awesome and let me purchase these before she even released them to her FB fans! <3 Honestly out of all the products I have from Brazen these are my absolute FAVORITE! All of them are gummie bear flavored and are perfect for layering over other glosses or lipsticks. In the swatches below, I think I accidentally mixed a bit of the Orange with the Cherry gummie glaze in the last swatch... :/

L-R: Lime, Pineapple, Orange, Cherry
The Cirque collection I purchased because of the swatches I saw on a fellow blogger's post. I fell head over heels in love with the super bright colors in this collection!

L-R:  Show Off, Cirque, Side Show

Show Off - Bright pink with pink shimmer.

Cirque - Bright teal with teal shimmer. This is my favorite of this collection...but then again I am obsessed with teals/aquas at the

Side Show - Bright fuschia. This picture makes it look a bit more pink than it does in real life. It's actually more purple.

Main Attraction - Dark chocolate brown with a hint of gold shimmer.

L-R: Side Show, Spectacle, Main Attraction
The last eye shadow I ordered was Shenanigans...OMG just look at the picture of this eye shadow! It has got to be the most gorgeous dark green shade ever! I LOVE the gold shift and sparkle in this shadow. It's just absolutely perfect! I could stare at it all day...if I had the time...hehehe. This was originally an LE shade for St. Patrick's day but I believe Sandi has made this a permanent addition to her line!

Finally, I give you the Passion Pot Lip Glosses. I believe out of these 5 three of them are LE; Forbidden Fruit, Au Natural and Lola. Sandi's glosses really are freaking amazing! Very pigmented and they last quite a long time on your lips. The nice thing is that even her bright colors can be applied very sheerly for just a hint of color.
L-R: Forbidden Fruit, Au Natural, Burlesque, Lola, Cherry Bomb
Forbidden Fruit - Bright coral. This is the perfect coral lip color, at least for me anyways.

Au Natural - A great frosty nude color. I love this lip gloss for every day when you just want a hint of color.

Burlesque - Bright pink with a purple base.

Lola - Beautiful deep red with gold shimmer. This is one of my faves!

Cherry Bomb -  The perfect bright red lip gloss! This is probably the best red lip gloss I own.


gunnmetal27 said...

Great haul hun!!! I <3 Brazen!!! I just did a post also!!! I really love the cirque collection.. I want it!!! <3<3<3

The Peach said...

So many great colors from Brazen! Thanks for the swatches! I bet you have been having all sorts of fun with these goodies!

Amanda T. said...

@gunmetal, Cirque is definitely amazing!

@Peach, you're welcome! I am having tons of fun with this!

VijiiS said...

Totally adoring the way these colors look!

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