Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MIA for the month of May

Hey everyone! I feel like I've been rather MIA lately and for those of you wondering what happened to my swatches and reviews well they will make their appearances again soon (I hope). I have lots and lots of things that need to be swatched, photographed and reviewed but I have not had any time lately to do any of it. With my wedding fast approaching (18 days left!!), I am finding I still have a million things left to do for it and not enough time in a day so please excuse my lack of posting and swatching.

It's a bit overwhelming for me as I feel so torn between wedding and my makeup addiction...lol. I currently have 2 Darling Girl Cosmetics hauls, 2 Fyrinnae hauls, a Persephone Minerals haul, a large NYX haul, Urban Decay's Naked Palette, Silk Natural's Naked Palette Dupes, Urban Decay's 15th anniversary 24/7 pencils collection and tons of Aromaleigh left to photograph and swatch. It might take me a few months to actually get through it all.

Just to give you an advanced heads up, May will be a month with very little to no blog posting from me because of my wedding and honeymoon and adjusting to being married. I promise I will make it up to you though as I am planning a big giveaway in June! Oh and to those of you entered in my Aromaleigh Ooops Giveaway don't worry! I will still announce the winner as scheduled on May 6th!


The Peach said...

You enjoy your month off and focus on your wedding and honeymoon! Hope you have a wonderful wedding! Your makeup and your followers will be here when you get back! Don't worry :)

Snarky P said...

Oh girl... You ENJOY!!!
You're about to become a wife, and that's awesome! So take time for YOU... We'll still be here when you get back from wedding, honeymoon and time with your hubby!!

Just share a pic or two of your wedding day =D

Amanda T. said...

Thanks girls! I will definitely share pics of the big day when I get back! =)

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