Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Persephone Minerals Review

Persephone Minerals Haul
I decided to purchase from Persephone Minerals thanks to the review and swatches by Phyrra on the Sailor Senshi collections. I really loved the swatches of the crystal power shades so I ordered all the crystal power shades plus Moon Prism Power and Sailor Moon.

Pretty little packaging
I placed my order on March 29 and my order was marked shipped April 4 which falls exactly in her TAT of 5-10 business days. I received my package on April 7 so it took slightly over a week to receive my order which is not bad at all. My package was shipped to me in a standard bubble mailer and my shadows were enclosed in a pretty gold organza bag with 2 samples, the ingredients list for all the shadows I ordered as well as my invoice.

Product packaging was very simple and plain. The jar lids had a silver sticker with "Persephone Minerals" on the top and the bottom of the jar had the shade name and collection it was from. All the jars were shrink wrapped which is definitely a good thing in this case since there were no sifters in these jars.

Shrink wrapped jar
One thing I didn't like was that the ingredients are not printed on the labels on the jars. Instead I received a half sheet of paper with the shade names and the ingredients in each one. While I am glad that I received a list of ingredients, I would rather see this type of information printed on the product labels because I will probably end up losing this piece of paper in the near future. The samples did not have any ingredients listed.

Ingredients list
I also was not a fan of no sifters in the jars. I personally prefer sifters as it just helps to prevent product loss especially when I have butter fingers. I do however understand that not having sifters in these jars allows for more product to be packed into them and these babies are definitely packed full. I am debating whether or not I want to repot these into my own 5g jars with sifters.

3g jar packed full
Ok so on to the swatches. I have to tell you right off the bat, these babies are hard to photograph. I must have taken like a million pics and these were the best I could come up with. I will have to try photographing them again later in direct and indirect sunlight outside sometime as these I took in the evening in my bathroom because generally that's the only time I have to play with makeup. All are swatched over MAC painterly paint pot. None of these pics do ANY justice to these shades which is so sad because these are super amazing in person. I'll repost swatches when I have the chance to redo them but at this point I really need to get this review up since I have a rather large backlog at the moment.

L-R: Jupiter Crystal Power, Venus Crystal Power, Moon Prism Power
Jupiter Crystal Power - light green with a gold shift.

Venus Crystal Power - orangey yellow with a gold shift

Moon Prism Power - off-white shade with a pink/violet shift

L-R: Mercury Crystal Power, Moon Crystal Power, Sailor Moon
Mercury Crystal Power - light baby blue with a gold shift.

Moon Crystal Power - gorgeous medium pink with an orange/gold shift. So much brighter in person than in this photo...ugh. This is seriously an amazing shade. One of my faves.

Sailor Moon -  Lovely coppery/gold shade with green, blue and red glitter. Again, freaking amazing and not done any justice by this photo.

L-R: Free Samples of Chara Mystical Highlight and Toffee Iced Coffee
Chara - a light peachy pink shimmer meant to be used as a highlight. Personally it seems a tad too light for my skin tone to be used as a highlight.

Toffee Iced Coffee - an almost matte coffee brown shade. I personally did not like this shade as it did not seem to blend very well. I had a hard time getting a clean looking swatch with it. Also it's not a color I could wear very well either.

Gorgeous shimmery goodness
This gives a better idea of the gold shifts in the shadows
A better idea of the true shadow colors
Hopefully my bad pictures do not deter you from purchasing from Persephone Minerals because seriously they are some of the most beautiful and unique shadows I own and that is saying quite a bit considering the current size of my collection. I will definitely purchasing from Persephone Minerals again in the future and hope to one day own the entire Sailor Senshi collection!

4.5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

** All products were purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. All opinions are my own.


Ki said...

Did you mislabel mars crystal power? It looks like moon crystal power!
Lovely swatches though :)

Amanda T. said...

@Ki, oops! You're right I did mislabel. Thanks for catching that!

Anonymous said...

:D Thanks for the product review! I was printing ingredients on 1" circular labels for the bottoms of the jars until my printer just decided that no matter what I did to adjust settings or clean the heck out of the printer, it is still going to smudge the ink until it is unable to read. Alot of my invoices are smudging too. Luckily I can print the shipping the shipping labels without it messing up the barcode.

Anonymous said...

Those colors are so cute! I love the chara mystical highlight!

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