Thursday, April 7, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics Holo-Glosses

Darling Girl Cosmetics Mini Haul
I have previously ordered from Darling Girl Cosmetics so this is not my first purchase from Susan.  She reopened her shop on April 1 after having been closed for about a month because she was moving. I definitely jumped at the chance to order again as I had had my eye on a few things she released while her shop was closed.

Nicely packaged order
I placed my order on April 1 and received my package on April 6 so the TAT and shipping was pretty quick. My order was shipped in a standard yellow bubble mailer with the invoice which I always appreciate. In addition to the 3 lip glosses I ordered I also received 2 samples and her free gift with purchase (GWP) 3g eye shadow which she includes with all orders over $10.

Ingredients list on a sample
Her product packaging is simple and cute. The samples had full ingredients lists on them and from past purchase I know that the full size jars also have the ingredients listed on them also. I was a bit surprised that the lip glosses didn't have the ingredients listed on their labels. However, each and every item she lists in her shop have the ingredients in the listings so you know exactly what is in them before buying. The GWP also did not have any ingredients listed on the packaging.

Free Gift With Purchase of $10 or more
I ended up purchased three of the holo-gloses; Goldfinger, Peaches and Wish You Were Here. These glosses come in little 3.5mL tubes with doe foot applicators and are the perfect size to throw in your purse. All of these glosses have a sheer,  lightly tinted base and are filled with amazing multi-dimensional glitter. I posted a picture of my bare lips to start as reference.

Bare Lips
Goldfinger - nude base with iridescent gold and copper glitter

Wish You Were Here - medium pink base with pink and gold glitter

Wish You Were Here
Peaches - frosty peach base with red and copper glitter

In real life, there is more of a difference in the colors of these glosses than I could capture on camera.  I love the feel of these glosses on my lips. They are not sticky at all and are pretty long lasting on your lips. It's also nice that these glosses don't really feel gritty considering the amount of glitter that is in them.

L-R: New Beginnings, Dapple, Azalea
New Beginnings - Deep royal purple with red and gold glitter

Dapple - Silvery beige with silver shimmer

Azalea - Bright pink bush with a hint of shimmer. This can be rubbed down to a beautiful pale pink on your cheeks.

I really love Darling Girl Cosmetics and would recommend them to anyone. Susan is a doll and her customer service is excellent! She has a pretty large range of beautiful eye shadow and lip gloss colors. I also like the super cute ideas she has for her different collections (Hello Kitty and All the Pretty Little Horses to be specific). I just placed an order for 3 more of her holo-glosses (yes I do like them that much!) as well as the petite sizes of the entire Hello Kitty collection so stay tuned for those swatches!

5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**All products were purchased by me with my own money. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. I make it a point not to disclose I will be writing a review for a company to anyone until after I have received what I ordered. All opinions are my own.


Kimberly Marquez said...

Azalea looks really pretty! I love the new labels as well. I am really hating this no-buy because I also need some of the new holo glosses! Great swatches!

Amanda T. said...

@Kimberly I really need to put myself on a I am so behind right now with my swatches and reviews its ridiculous! I was supposed to stop buying after my ridiculously large Aromaleigh order but that didn't happen...I have no self-control whatsoever when it comes to buying makeup.

Melly said...

New Beginnings is lovely! Great swatches!

The Peach said...

Those glosses are awesome! I have a Darling Girl order on the way, I ordered one of the glosses, don't remember which one. Can't wait for my order to get here!

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