Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brazen Cosmetics Red Ticket Giveaway!

Sandi started doing the Red Ticket Giveaways back in May? I think it was when she had her birthday and her shop's anniversary. For every item purchased you receive one ticket and each month she does a drawing. If your ticket is drawn you get something special from Brazen! I was lucky enough to be the holder of the red ticket she drew in August. It took a little while to receive my prize (hey, she's a busy busy girl!), but I finally received it today! So here are the swatches of some brand new yet-to-be-released products!

Nubile - Gorgeous creamy chocolate brown with gold shimmer
One and Only - Dusty brown-based pink with red, blue and green iridescent shimmer
Steamy - Clear based lip gloss filled with brown, copper and holographic glitter and it's CHOCOLATE flavored!!!


SilhouetteScreams said...

*wheezes* Steamy...looks...AWESOME!

Amanda S. said...

@Jerry Steamy is gorgeous over just about any color lipstick!

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