Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fyrinnae Halloween 2011

I started drooling over the Fyrinnae Halloween 2011 collection when I saw Grey post swatch pics on her blog. I spent a few days stalking the Fyrinnae website and was lucky enough to be able to purchase the entire shadow collection before they shut down the cart again. In case you're wondering did not purchase either of the lippies that were also released with the shadows.

You honestly have to see this collection to really appreciate how complex these colors are. Pictures really are a poor representation of these amazing creations! I did swatch these over a regular primer rather than PE or Glitter Glue because I was just way too excited...hehe. Enjoy the swatches!

Book of the Dead - Bright golden champagne with green and purple sparks
Dorian Gray - Blackened navy with blue and green iridescent sparks
Purgatory - Dark velvety black-based red

Steampunk - Unexpected blackened pinky bronze with gold glitter.
Are You My Mummy? - Dark sea foam green with green iridescence
Alchemist's Curse - Gorgeous blackened plum with purple, pink and blue glitter. The pics make it appear that this on is similar to Steampunk when in reality they're quite different

Raven's Prophecy - Amazing black base filled with blue, purple, orange and yellow glitter. This reminds me of a dark starry night.
Wake Not the Dead - Vibrant purple filled with gold and blue glitter
Bride of Frankenstein - Vibrant blue with a green shift filled with blue and green glitter


The Peach said...

All of these look amazing! I really like Purgatory and Steampunk! I'm going to have to pick up these new colors soon!

Amanda S. said...

@Jill, I'm regretting not purchasing Purgatory now actually and received it as a free sample. Think I'm going to have to go back and get it now hehe. Steampunk is also really gorgeous!

Lorraine said...

Awwww.... getting some work this weekend, that means Fyrinnae order... from your swatches I want them all ! Let's hope they're still in stock by the time I get there, I've notice people have bought most of the liplustres :)

Amanda S. said...

@Lorrain, yup all the lip lustres are out of stock but the shadows are all still there. =)

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