Saturday, October 15, 2011

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy

I can't remember how I heard about this company Innocent + Twisted Alchemy (I+T). I think I may have randomly stumbled upon it on Etsy one day and then googled reviews on it. They are a very new company and so far have 12 beautiful eye shadows. I was interested in trying the eyeshadows but put it off because there were a lot of other companies I wanted to purchase from. Linda, the owner of I+T contacted me and asked if I would be willing to write a review for her. I jumped at the chance since I was definitely interested in the company. Linda allowed me to choose the colors I wanted for 1 full size, 2 clamshells and 2 baggies that she was going to send me.

Once I had let her know what colors I wanted it took her 2 days to send the package out to me and then another 2 days for mento receive the package. I believe her normal TAT is between 5-8 business days which is about average for many small MMUCs. My package was sent to me in a small yellow bubble mailer sealed with pretty pink tape. Inside was a cute cellophane bag with pink and red hearts printed on it that contained the products and was also sealed with pink tape.

Inside the cellophane were the shadows I was sent along with an invoice, a photo with the logo and website address, ingredients list for each shadow and another sheet of paper containing the store's policies and FAQs. The art on all the info sheets were created by the owner which is awesome! She also designed the logo but had someone else draw it. 

Her full sizes are 5gr jars without sifters and filled to the brim which she sells for $6.00 and her sample sizes are the clamshells which are also filled to the brim and are currently sold for $2.00. At this time she doesn't sell sample baggies in her Etsy shop and at this time are only used to send out free samples with purchases. Her prices are quite reasonable and on par with many other MMUCs especially for the amount of product you are receiving.

Full to the brim 5gr jar
Full to the brim clamshell

Linda has taken great care in the labeling of her products. The sample baggies were completely labeled with the logo, ingredient list and whether or not the pigment was lip safe. The clamshells have a small sticker with the logo on the top and the name of the pigment and whether or not it is lip safe on the bottom. The 5gr jars have a gorgeous sparkley logo sticker on the top and the name of the pigment and whether or not it is lip safe on the bottom.

I love the beautiful sparkley label on the full sizes!
Now on to the eye shadows themselves. All of them are beautifully pigmented and very silky smooth with minimal fallout. The colors are also quite unique and I don't think I have anything else like them in my collection.

Melodies in June - Really gorgeous medium blue/green with a gold shift and orange sparks. I'm am so glad I got this as my full size!
I <3 When Angels Cry - Pearly baby pink with blue and green iridescent sparks. This is a stunning color and I definitely want a full size of this.
Twisted - Dark violet with green iridescent sparks
Poisoned Tears - Pearly baby blue with red and green sparks. This is a fairly unusual blue and is quite lovely.
Consumed by Agony - Dark gray (almost black) with a gold shift and green and gold sparks.

I would definitely love to purchase more from Linda in the future and would highly recommend that you do so as well! Her selection is small but gorgeous and very well made. I love the attention to even the most minute details. The branding and all the little extra touches are just so gorgeous! Have you heard or tried I+T? Which shadows would you like to try?

5 out of 5 Glittery Bubbles

**Eye shadows in this review were sent to me for consideration by Linda, the owner of Innocent + Twisted Alchemy. This does not in any way affect my review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion of this company and their eye shadows


innocent+twisted alchemy said...

Thank you for the awesome review!!! :D

eRiN said...

This is only the 2nd time I've heard about this company, but the swatches are pretty and I really like the $2 option, looks like a fantastic value!

Amanda S. said...

@Linda, you're welcome!

@Erin, the shadows are very pretty and much more so in real life. =)

Larie said...

The artwork is amazing! The swatches look pretty, too :)

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