Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Darling Ghoul Halloween Part 1!

If you know anything about me then you'll know by now how much I love Darling Girl Cosmetics! Susan's Darling Ghoul Halloween collection has been much talked about in the indie makeup blogosphere since it's release and now I have my hot little hands on nearly the entire collection! I couldn't decide in the beginning whether or not I actually wanted to purchase all the shadows but in the end I did buy all of them and I am SO glad I did! They are all so gorgeous and unique! I also purchased most of the lippies as well as the Sweet Cheeks blush in this collect but I'm going to swatch those in a later post. For now, enjoy the shadows and glitter!

The labels are so cute!

Pretty Plasma - Gorgeous medium turquoise with black glitter
Pumpkin Eater - Bright pumpkin orange with a slight green shift and green glitter
Jack's Lantern - Dark plum purple with a red shift
Witch & Famous - Plummy taupe with a hint of blue shift and gold glitter

Dream Scream - Pearly white with red glitter
Zombody to Love - Dark purple based navy with gold glitter
Thriller - Gorgeous pearly red with gold glitter
Apparition - Silvery white with orange, blue and green glitter

Bats in the Belfry - Bronzed olive with green iridescent glitter
Scream Queen - Bright pearly red with white glitter
Crypt Keeper - Antique dark olive gold
Monarch (GWP) - Brick red with a blue shift and blue glitter

Spectral Shifts
Corpse Candle - Sheer grey with a purple shift and purple and blue glitter
Ghost Light - Sheer aquamarine with a hint of a gold shift and green glitter
Will -O Wisp - Sheer pink with a blue shift blue and purple glitter

Candy Corn - A mix of orange, brown and holographic glitter!


Kattatonic Fierceology said...

Ahhhh all these Halloween collections are going to break the bank!

Amanda S. said...

@Katt I know!! Wait till you see the Fyrinnae Halloween Collection ;) I should have that posted sometime next week or as soon as I have that package in my hands!

The Peach said...

So many pretty colors! I got samples of all the shadows and just one lippie. Love the "Darling Ghoul" branding!

Amanda S. said...

@Jill which lippie did you get? I actually ordered another couple more of them so that's why I didn't post the lippies in this post as I'm waiting till I have all the ones I bought.

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