Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Swatch Spam

This post contains the rest of the Hi-Fi Cosmetics shadows I own. Some of these shades are from Veronica's collections and some are from her regular core line. I believe all of these shades are still available through her store. 

Lost and Lonely - Dusty blue with a strong teal shift and purple glitter

Jingle Bell Rock - Bright vibrant purple with green iridescent glitter

Time for Cheer - Metallic champagne with a gold shift

Don't Forget the Violence - Bright metallic blue with blue and gold glitter

So What - Light bubble gum pink with a light blue shift and holographic glitter

Frosty Air - Light ethereal silver with blue shimmer

Suicide Trees - Blackened teal with a gold shift

Prophecies and Curses - Vibrant grass green with a gold shift

Ransom Notes - Metallic purple with teal and holographic glitter

Living Fire - Bright orangey peach with gold glitter


SilhouetteScreams said...

I think the only one I have from this bunch is Living Fire. Now I need Jingle Bell Rock, Don't Forget the Violence and Suicide Trees! Espeeeeecially Suicide Trees. :)

Lillian Funny Face said...

Oooh they're all so pretty! I particularly like Living Fire and Frosty Air :)

Amanda S. said...

@Jerry, Suicide Trees is freaking awesome!

@Lillian both of them are so pretty!

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