Tuesday, October 4, 2011

StellaStarish Cosmetics Haul (Another one...lol)!

It's always incredibly difficult to resist Stella's amazing eyeshadows especially when she's having a sale! I was able to snag her Pink Northern Lights Stackable for $10 instead of the usual $12 and I also purchased 2 other pigments Amanda's Asteroid and Delphinis. I received Twilight because I won a random giveaway on her FB page. =)

Pink Northern Lights Stackable
Shade #1 - Bright metallic pink

Shade #2 - Slightly sheer orange-y pink with a hint of a blue shift.

Shade #3 - Soft and creamy baby pink with silvery shimmer

Shade #4 - Bright coral-y pink with gold shimmer

Shade #5 - Bright satiny HOT pink! This is truly the brightest and hottest pink I currently own, freaking amazing!

Amanda's Asteroid - Gorgeous bright pink with silver shimmer. Not quite as bright as Shade #5 in the Pink Northern Lights Stackable but still really gorgeous.

Delphinis - Pretty medium aquamarine with tons of silver shimmer.

Twilight - Deep, dark blue-based black with blue and silver shimmer. This color is not yet available but is going to be released soon!


Larie said...

That hot pink on the far end is incredible! Will have to check out this store, thanks for the swatches!

Kattatonic Fierceology said...

This is a new store to me! But i like what i see so far.

Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

I love this shades so lovely... and love this kind of post where you show the actually color on a swatch
Great post hun
following you no w

I invite you to my blog Hope to see you there!



Amanda S. said...

@Larie, Definitely get this stackable! All the pinks are awesome!

@Katt, Stella is such a doll and her pigments are fabulous!

@Liz thank you! I'm following you too! xoxo

SilhouetteScreams said...

Oh my gosh, Shade 1, Shade 5 and Twilight?! LOOOOOOVE. <3

Lorraine said...

So pretty ! Twilight looks gorgeous !

Amanda S. said...

@Jerry, shades 1 & 5 are my faves too! Sooo pigmented!

@Lorraine, Twilight is a must have!

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