Friday, October 14, 2011

Rock A Betty Beauty Entire Core Line

I just happened to be on Facebook when Ber decided to have an extraordinary sale of 50% off everything in her shop. I decided I'd just go ahead and buy her Obsessed and Loving It Collection which basically includes every shade in her core line. The normal price for all 38 lid luster eye shadows is $100 but with the 50% off I was able to purchase it for $50.00 which is a steal! I basically paid about $1.32 for each shadow!

Just an FYI some of these pictures may look flatter than normal and colors may seem dull and less vibrant. This is because I was battling with the clouds for the sun's attention all day so it was a bit difficult to photograph these as well as I usually do. I'm probably going to end up re-swatching some of them just because I'm a perfectionist and I want these to look as true to life as possible. For now though I'm going to post what I have.

Relic - Mustard yellow
Hella Stellar - Bright white with rainbow shimmer. And yes I did misspell it in the photo.
Archangel - Yellowy beige
Riddle Box - Shimmery medium dove grey
Changeling - Peachy pink with gold shimmer. Reminds me of NARS Orgasm blush but in eye shadow form.

Lady In the Water -Medium blue with blue and silver shimmer
Hellhound - Metallic light bronze
Quarantine - Gorgeous lime green with green shimmer
Lycanthropy - Milk chocolate with gold shimmer
Vampire Boyfriend - Light satin pink with silver shimmer

Earth Girls Are Easy - Pearly white with purple glitter
Chainsaw Massacre - Silvery grey with green and purple shimmer
Mary Shelley - Satin medium pink with green and pink iridescent shimmer
Soylent Green is People - Grass green with a gold shift

Incendiary - Peachy orange with gold and red glitter
Good and Evil - Matte black with orange glitter
OHBSYM - Shimmery sunflower yellow
Hallucination - Shimmery pearly white

Vertigo - Light sheer yellow with blue sparks
La Llorona - Sheer shimmery white with a hint of pink shift
Wendigo - Coppery brown with silver sparks
Insomnia - Very light pearly baby pink

Bleeding Heart - Blood red with blue and purple sparks
Beware Falling Houses - Bright primary yellow
Crossroads Demon - Sparkley black with rainbow sparks
Cthulhu's Lover - Metallic orange with blue and green iridescent sparks

Merzombicon - Metallic light sage green with purple and green glitter
Cannibal - Medium bubble gum pink with purple and pink glitter
Ashes to Ashes - Light dove grey with purple glitter
Nutella Whore - Chocolate brown with gold sparks and a hint of gold shift. Gotta love Nutella!

Cupcake Not A Muffin - Light shimmery pink with a hint of red shift and red glitter. Really pretty pink and I love the name!
Death Becomes Her - Gorgeous blackened plum with a red shift. This is a really pretty vampy purple.
Imaginary Friend - Bubble gum pink with green iridescent glitter.
Cemetary Road - Gorgeous light chocolate brown with green iridescent glitter and a green shift.

Desenestration - Dusty blue-based violet. This is an almost-matte shade
Requiem - Gorgeous olive green with a gold shift and copper sparkle. This is one of my favorites. Really gorgeous and unique!
Macabre - Purple based pink with holographic glitter
Heartless - Light baby blue with blue sparks


The Peach said...

Thats an amazing deal! Looks like a lot of beautiful colors!

SilhouetteScreams said...

I need Riddle Box, Chainsaw Massacre, Crossroads Demon (LOVE that name!) and Death Becomes her. :D

Amanda S. said...

@Jill, She does have a nice variety and range of colors.

@Jerry, the names of her colors are awesome! Death Becomes Her is really gorgeous!

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