Friday, October 7, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics Pretty Little Horses

This is another of the lovely Susan's collections and this is a beautiful neutral line with hints of color here and there. This collection is based on some of the most famous horses in literature and pop culture. Enjoy the swatches!

My Little Pony - Gorgeous light pinky lavender with a strong green iridescent shift. It shows much more pink the the pictures than it is in real life. This is one of my favorites in this collection.

Seabiscuit - Vibrant metallic bronze. I can see this one being even more gorgeous when foiled.

Mustang - Almost matte dusty plum with a pinky red shift.

Black Arabian - Dark chocolate brown with gold and red shimmer. This is a really gorgeous dark brown.

Mr. Ed - Light shimmery peach

Black Beauty - Charcoal black with a very slight hint of red shift

Saddle Up - A very light almost-white satin pink

A Horse With No Name - Light nudey beige with a very slight hint of pink shift. This one almost blends into my skin and would be a perfect brow bone color.

Unicorn - Light glittery pink with blue and white glitter

Dapple - Beautiful light taupey grey with a pink shift. I love this one it's so much more beautiful in real life.

Sparkling Luna (GWP) - Gorgeous dark teal with a strong green shift and red glitter. This was received free as a gift with purchase and is not part of the Pretty Little horses collection.


Robyn said...

I loved this collection - Mustang was my favourite.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Need Seabiscuit, Black Arabian and Black Beauty *___*

Amanda S. said...

@Robyn, Mustang is so pretty and unique!

@Jerry, All three of those are gorgeous! My fave of those three would be Black Arabian.

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