Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Pretty Zombie Haul

It's been a few months since I've ordered from MPZ but I was finally prompted to order from Andrea again when she released her new line of blushes. I was particularly excited about the MDMA blush which was a custom shade for Manda at Toxid-Lotus. Manda showed off some swatches of her blush and I knew I had to have it!

A couple of new things to note about MPZ. Andrea has changed the labeling on her jars and I think it is a definite improvement on the previous labels.  Originally the company name, quote and eye shadow name were labeled around the sides of the jars. Now, the company name and quote is on a nice label on the top. The shade name has moved to the bottom of the jar along with the ingredients, weight, and address. I had mentioned previously that the bottom label was difficult to read and these new labels are perfect.

The blushes come in larger 8g jars with sifters and contain about 3.5g of product. The small size of these jars makes it a bit difficult to use a blush brush in the lids but it's either this or upgrade to a 20g jar which I do prefer for my loose blushes. Currently Andrea offers samples as well as the 8g jar and I would totally love if she also added a 20g jar option. =)

Labeling on the blush
Jar comparison blush vs. eyeshadow

Anthrax - Bright grape purple with a strong iridescent green shift. This is one of the most unique purples in my collection. I <3 it!
Hoof and Mouth - Red based purple with a pink shift.
Mad Cow - Medium violet with a blue shift.
Amacyst - Dark blue based purple with purple and blue sparks. This looks more blue in pics than it is in real life.

Law Firm Lamb Cake - Sheer white with a strong pink shift and white and holographic sparks. This is a sister shade to Unicorn Pee but I still prefer Unicorn Pee to this one.
My Pretty Zombie (sample) - Hot pink with pink sparks. Now this is a HOT pink!
Disquiet (sample) - Shimmery sea green with a very slight blue shift.

MDMA blush - Candy pink with gold sparks. I <3 <3 <3 this blush! It's sooo pretty and much more so in real life.


Robyn said...

That blush jar is cool! And Anthrax looks lovely.

Anne said...

Love her stuff! Don't forget to try Cookie Pants, it's a great color!

тainтed мeмories. said...

the MDMA blush looks bomb. love it x

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